Empowering Your Student: “Adulting”



Sending a child off to college is a huge step for every parent. Whether it’s your first or final child to leave the nest, it never seems to get any easier. While every student’s success in higher education is largely in their own hands, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your student enters college empowered, confident, and ready to take on their first year at Anderson University.  Below are some of the skills your student should master before they fly from your nest to ours.

Knowing their SSN – As your student begins to take on more “adult” responsibilities, they will find themselves needing to provide their Social Security number more than they ever thought they would. To avoid receiving that weekly “What’s my SSN again?” text, make sure your student has their Social Security number memorized before leaving for college. Most importantly, however, make sure they know when they shouldn’t provide their Social Security number; the telemarketer on the phone doesn’t need to know it.

Getting a job – At AU, we’re proud to offer numerous student employment opportunities. Lab assistant, admissions telecounselor, student newspaper editor, and Campus Activities Board member are just a few of the titles your student could hold while studying at AU. Make sure your student is aware of these opportunities and knows how to apply for open positions. 

Voting During their time at AU, your student will have the exciting opportunity to cast their vote for the U.S. presidential candidate(s) of their choice. Before they leave for college, equip them with the tools they need to participate in the democratic process; your student should know how, when, and where to cast their ballot. If an absentee ballot is the best option for your student, they can request one here.

Writing checks – Even if your student doesn’t plan on writing any checks during their time at AU, they should still know how to correctly fill out a check — it’s a skill they’re bound to need at some point. Additionally, if your student gets an off-campus job, they can expect to receive a check or two during their college career and should know how to properly endorse it.

Sending/receiving mail – At AU, we offer the campus Mail Center for students to easily send and receive mail. Even if your student doesn’t plan on having a penpal, they should still know how to properly address, stamp, and send an envelope. They should also know how to pick up their mail and packages from the Mail Center. Instructions and information can be found here

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