Mail Center and Package Window

Anderson University Mail Distribution Center was created to derive full benefits for Anderson University from the U.S. Postal Service rates and to centralize the distribution of both US mail and campus mail.

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(765) 641-4120


Ginger Miller, Mail Center Team Lead


Lower Floor, Decker Hall

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

On days when classes are not in session, which include the summer and holidays, we are closed between noon and 1 p.m.



Mail may be sent via campus mail, US mail, or International mail from our location.

Postage stamps may be purchased at the cashier window during business hours. Stamps are available individually or in books of 20. We supply priority (2-3 day) envelopes and boxes, express (overnight) mail envelopes, and overnight and 2-day UPS envelopes. We also carry a small line of packaging supplies. Packages may be shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), or by FedEx through our campus location.

First Class Mail

Mail, packages, and any delivered items must be sent to the Mail Center. Do not use your dorm address. Proper addressing for your mail should be:

Student’s name
Anderson University
1100 E 5th St
Anderson IN 46012-3495

Please do not use the words ‘PO box’ or ‘Box’ in the address as this may delay delivery by the USPS. If you will be receiving mail under a nickname, please inform the mail center. Also, if you are getting married or changing your name for any reason, please inform the mail center as soon as possible.

Students living off-campus are able to receive packages and mail to campus.  Priority is given to packages utilizing the lockers. In order to ensure quicker delivery of letter mail, using your off campus address may be a faster and more convenient option.

Packages and First Class Mail

In order to better accommodate students’ busy schedules and to improve the efficiency of processing packages and daily mail, we have installed Intelligent Parcel Lockers (by Packcity Inc.) outside the Mail Center facing the mailboxes in the bottom of Decker Hall. These Intelligent Parcel Lockers provide secure package pickup 24 hours a day and allow students fast and worry-free package and mail retrieval at a time convenient for them.  

Third Class Mail

As part of our initiative to provide improved delivery of mail on campus, Third Class or Standard mail will no longer be delivered to students. Examples of this mail are flyers, ads, and/or miscellaneous marketing mail. 


Locker Instructions

Packages will be delivered daily and loaded into a locker.

The student gets an email with the locker codes/barcode. (Note: Your email will be generated by Packcity.)

The student goes to the appropriate locker location at their convenience – with email information.

The student walks up to the console and enters the code/barcode. Sign with your finger. (Note: The barcode must be black on a white background. If your iPhone is set to dark display you must enter the codes manually on the screen.)

The locker door pops open and the student retrieves the package

The student closes the locker.

Exception: Any packages that are too large or heavy to fit into the lockers must be picked up at the window. For those packages, your email will come from the AU Mail Center.



 How long will my package be available in the locker?

  • You have three days from your notification that you have a package to pick it up from the locker.
  • The lockers are available to you Sunday-Thursday 7 a.m. to midnight and Friday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

What happens if you can’t pick up your package within three days?

  • If the locker package is not picked up within three days or if the package is oversize, the student is notified to go directly to the service window during regular business hours to obtain the parcel or mail.
  • Packages are held for a total of 7 days for pickup. Due to the high volume of incoming packages, the Mail Center can not hold your parcels for more than 7 business days.
  • After 7 days, the package is returned to the sender(RTS) unless arrangements to hold the parcel are made in advance.

What if I closed the locker door before I took my package out?

  • The locker codes are active for 15 minutes after the locker door is closed by the user. You may go to the console and re-enter your code

What if I lost my locker codes?

  • Lost locker codes can be re-issued by the Mail Center staff. Your AU ID card will be required in order to get your code re-issued.

What if my codes do not work?

  • Go to the Mail Center window for assistance. Your AU ID card is required.
Campus Mail

Campus mail bundles of 10 or more must be rubber banded in alphabetical order by last name (A-Z with A on top). If the bundle is too large to go through the mail slots, please place the banded bundle in the bulk mail chute under the cashier window. If you have a large amount or odd shaped pieces, they also need to be presented in alphabetical order by last name and dropped off at the window.  For Campus Mail packages, your email will come from the AU Mail Center.

Outgoing Mail

The USPS picks up stamped and metered first-class mail at 3:30 p.m. ALL mail should include a return address. If department mail is to be metered please plan for it to be dropped off by 2 p.m. if same day service is desired. If there is a question about postage, please check at the cashier window.

Lost and Found

The Mail Center houses the central lost and found department. Please turn in found items as soon as possible at the package window. Make sure you check here for lost items. If your lost items have not been turned in, please complete the lost item form. When the item is turned in, we will call you. These items are disposed of each summer, so make sure you check before you go home.


If you are leaving the university please let us know where to forward your mail. Please complete the following Mail Forwarding request form. If you are graduating or not returning, we will forward your mail for six months. After that period, we will return mail to the sender. We do not forward mail over breaks such as Christmas or Spring break.

Mail is forwarded during the summer unless stated on the Mail Forwarding request form