Social Service Clubs


Adelphi is a men’s social and service club with a mission to be an apostolic brotherhood fostering Christ-like servitude and accepting, loving, and cherishing all. Their flagship event is the annual “Late Night with Adelphi,” which is a satirical late-night show that features club members humorously discussing issues on campus and performing wacky skits. And if that’s not enough crazy for you, Adelphi also holds an “egg throw” fundraiser at AU’s annual homecoming street fair where attendees buy eggs to throw at club members.


Founded in 2003 by a group of women wanting to strengthen their faith in Christ, Alacritas is a women’s social and service club with pillars of sisterhood, spirituality, and service. The club is best known for its annual “Rent-A-Puppy” fundraising event, where members bring adoptable dogs from a nearby animal shelter to campus and let students destress by “renting” the pups for a few minutes. And speaking of puppies — the group is also renowned for their “puppy chow” refreshments, which they supply at the many game nights and holiday parties they host on campus.

Avanti Boosters

Founded in 1936, the Avanti Booster Club is the oldest of all the social and service clubs on AU’s campus. With more than 85 years of tradition on their shoulders, the men’s social club strives to uphold its three pillars: service, tradition, and brotherhood. The club is best known for its twice-a-semester concert event — “Encore” — that features numerous students singing popular tunes. Each Encore has a theme, such as “Disney” or “The 80s,” and students across campus audition to be featured in the show. It’s one of the most well-attended events on campus and has become a staple of the AU experience. 


Camarada is a social and service club with a mission to bring women together in Christian fellowship with pillars of friendship, love, and service. Founded in 1942, Camarada is the oldest women’s social club on campus. The club is best known for their homemade caramel apples that they sell at AU’s annual homecoming street fair. But the fun doesn’t stop there — the group holds numerous club events each year, including a barn dance, an apple orchard trip, a super bowl party, and a spring formal. 


Dativus is a men’s social and service club that was established in 1971 for the purpose of Christian servanthood and fellowship within the AU community. The club’s mission is to unite as brothers and uplift one another — and bring the campus together in uproarious laughter twice a year with its semiannual “Cheap Thrills” show. The event showcases Dativus members performing goofy skits and hilarious sketches. While each show introduces some new acts, the event boasts numerous recurring skits updated with new content for each performance. “Eye on Campus” is one such reappearing skit, featuring Dativus members posing as news anchors delivering satirical campus news. 


Leona is a women’s social and service club with the purpose of living in a community with fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord and doing so with purpose. The group emphasizes servant leadership, both on campus and abroad, through service, intentionality, and love.

Phi Alpha Kappa (PAK)

PAK is a men’s social and service club created to promote, develop, and strengthen cultural awareness across campus. The group strives to educate students and members of the local community about diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. 

Anderson University is on a mission to educate students for lives of faith and service, offering more than 60 undergraduate majors, 30 three-year degrees, 20 NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports, alongside adult and graduate programs. The private, liberal arts institution is fully accredited and recognized among top colleges for its business, computer science, cybersecurity, dance, engineering, nursing, and teacher education programs. Anderson University was established in 1917 in Anderson, Indiana, by the Church of God.