A Pearl Jubilee for an Iconic Monument: Helios Celebrates 30 Years



For many who have spent time on campus, Helios comes to mind when you think of the Valley and spending time outside. Its iconic blue color, the twisting of the glass plates as they reach for the sky; it is truly breathtaking.

Created as a commemoration of Anderson’s 75th anniversary in 1993, the sculpture compliments the construction of Hartung Hall. Arlon Bayliss, former art professor, was commissioned to create a landmark sculpture for the momentous occasion by former university president, James L. Edwards. 

Helios with its accompanying fountain, as was intended, continues to serve as a meeting place for students, faculty and staff, visitors, and alumni alike. It has long been the location of an annual reception at Homecoming, decorated with holiday lights, and has been a stage for dance students. It is an iconic backdrop for nursing students who take great pride in gathering with their classmates to take a photo upon finishing their clinical rotations. 

Bayliss worked with other faculty, students, and a team of physical plant staff to pull the project together. Due to construction delays, the piece had to be constructed in less than four days to be ready for its grand reveal. It was a celebration of collaboration and pride in doing excellent work for greater purpose. 

Helios was Bayliss’ first public art project and the experiences he had throughout the project have carried through his successful career in art and sculpture. The joy he has working with his team is poured into every project.

A beloved monument, Helios will continue to stand as an inspiration for growth, discovery, and community.

Helios is comprised of 150 sheets of glass arranged in a double helix formation that stands at 9 feet 4.5 inches tall.

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