AU Traditions: Boosters Encore



Have you ever wondered if the guy sitting in front of you in English class can sing? Or if the campus pastor can belt out a good country song? At some universities, those wonderings go unanswered, but at Anderson University, the answers come in the form of Boosters Encore, and have for more than 25 years. 

Presented by the campus social club, Avanti Boosters, “Encore” is a concert event that happens four times a year and features 16 or more students. Each Encore has a theme, such as “Disney” or “The 80s,” and students across campus audition to be featured in the show, which is held in Reardon Auditorium.

In addition to the performers, the event host and entire band are current students. It’s a show bursting with talent that provides entertainment for the campus community in two performances — one at 7 o’clock in the evening, and another at 10 o’clock.

Encore was quite possibly my favorite thing about my AU experience,” said Rob Krosley ’14, who participated in Encore (in all three roles) during his time at AU. “It was an absolute blast to work with a team of insanely talented and creative people to put on a top-notch show. Whether I was performing in my own act, leading the band, hosting, or even just sitting in the audience, I loved the experience of Encore. I often hear a song and think, ‘Oh, that would make such a good Encore act!’”

Encore began in 1992 in conjunction with another student production, Cheap Thrills, which is hosted by the social club Dativus. The first show was held in the Marketplace in Olt Student Center. Originally produced by a social club at the time, called Agothos, Encore was later adopted by the current Avanti Boosters. Brayden Collingsworth ’22, the head of Boosters, believes the event is important to campus for a variety of reasons.

“Encore is very important for the campus community and for the engagement of student life,” said Collingsworth. “Encore is a place where students can go to watch their friends perform for the fun of it. It’s a great way for people to show off their talents to the campus community and it generally has pretty funny hosts, so I would like to think that humor is a part of it, too.”

This mixture of talent, music, humor, and community has been a proven recipe for success, and after 25-plus years, there’s no sign of Encore slowing down at AU!


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