Visual Communication Design Program

Create an experience and tell a story through logos, websites, packaging, posters, and more. Explore the vocabulary of the visual language: type and texture, form and space, symbol and icon. 


Students majoring in visual communication design at Anderson University learn how to design for a variety of media. However, graphic design is not just about what you make; it’s also about how you think. From the first sketch to the final pixel, we encourage our majors to develop both skill and understanding by using critical, creative thinking to solve their design challenges. As a design major, you’ll work both individually and in collaborative groups on various design projects. You will also be challenged to consider important theoretical issues: the influence of propaganda, the relationship between text and image, and the needs of a target audience.

Explore Design

In addition to coursework in typography, design principles, and production, you’ll have at least one internship experience in an appropriate design-related setting. The capstone experience for design students is a senior show, planned and executed by the senior design majors. This project requires you to work with your peers to budget, design, and promote a show of your work for the community.



  • Graduate with a BA in Visual Communication Design in four years.
  • Earn an 18-hour minor.
  • Graduate with a BA in Visual Communication Design and a MBA with the 4+1 program. You spend five years total at AU and earn two degrees while you are here.

Design and Media Merit Scholarship

The Design and Media Merit Scholarship is a competitive award, renewable over four years of study. It is stackable on top of other gift aid not to exceed full tuition.



Among the classes in the 54-hour major are:

  • History of Art, Design, & Visual Culture in the Modern World
  • Human Experience in Design
  • Typography Studio
  • Design for Digital Media
  • Design Methodology


    Virtually every organization needs to be concerned about how its messages are presented, so visual communication design majors work in a wide variety of settings, including corporate, educational, and non-profit. The job titles you may encounter in this field include:

    • Graphic Designer
    • Print Designer
    • Packaging Designer
    • Web Designer
    • Multimedia Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Art Director
    • Creative Director
    • User Interface Designer
    • Freelance Designer
    • Visual Identity Designer
    • Publication Designer
    • Typographer


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    Visual Communication Design

    Christie Franklin with a building in the background.

    Christie Franklin

    Administrative Assistant

    Jason Higgs, an employee of Anderson University in Indiana

    Jason Higgs

    Associate Professor of Visual Communication

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    Holly R. Sims

    Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design

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