College of Nursing, Kinesiology, and Public Health

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We prepare students to enter the dynamic fields of health care and the study of human movement through classroom instruction, hands-on clinical experiences, opportunities to learn the latest health care technology, as well as a variety of internship and practicum experiences.

Public Health degree offers two pathways. The first offers a concentration in the sociological and behavioral context of health. This track will appeal to students who are seeking to focus on the socio-behavioral, socioeconomic, and health systems contexts that impact public health. The second will focus on the natural sciences, and is offered to students wanting to engage in public health practice through research, epidemiology, or environmental services. 

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Students learn to integrate knowledge, skills, and values from the liberal arts to provide safe, humanistic care and services as an advocate for individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. They go far beyond the classroom through participation in local internships and practicums, community outreach programs, intercultural medical trips around the globe, personal fitness training, in-school preparation, and athletic training. At AU, we will help you think critically, creatively, and independently in preparation for a life of service.

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