music and entertainment business

What is entertainment business? This degree is a hands-on degree that is dedicated to getting you with the big names. In the entertainment business program, you will have the ability to learn with global chart-topping artists and bands. Your dreams can soar here. The Music Business: Entertainment Concentration is for students who want a strong foundation in business to prepare for the business side of the music/entertainment industry.

Program Overview



  • BA in Music and Entertainment Business
  • Add your own focus with a cognate.

3+1 Program

Graduate with a BA in business and a MBA with the 3+1 program. You spend four years total at AU and earn two degrees while you’re here.



  • Artist Development
  • Legal Aspects of the Music Business
  • Music Marketing
  • Recording Label Seminar

View the full list of courses in the Music and Entertainment Business major.



  • Producer
  • Music Manager
  • Music and Entertainment Lawyer
  • Artist and Repertoire [A&R] Strategist
  • Agent


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