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EDUCATION Teaching degree

Empower the next generation.

What does it mean to be an educator? It means to care, share knowledge, and inspire others to grow. That’s what having a teaching degree can do: transform lives and impact the world. 

While your professors pour into you, you can carry that out in your own classroom. At Anderson University, our commitment grows into results, with 100% placement rates for year-long student teachers and 100% pass rates on Indiana-required CORE exams. Our teachers have excellence in content competence, cultural connections, and Christian character.

Young asia woman teacher teaching kids in kindergarten classroom, preschool education concept

build a brighter future

Elementary Education Teaching Degree

Cultivate creativity and foundational knowledge in children.

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Language Arts Teaching Degree

Empower the next generation of storytellers.

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Mathematics Teaching Degree

Build a more mathematically literate society through the next generation.

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Music Education Teaching Degree

Ensure that music programs are accessible to all students, schools, and communities.

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Science Teaching Degree

Inspire a bright future of scientific breakthroughs.

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Social Studies Teaching Degree

Cultivate an understanding of societal patterns and events, and how we can learn from it.

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Spanish Teaching Degree

Remove communication barriers by promoting bilingual education.

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