DC Devotion: Psalm 1


I love walking through the valley every fall and seeing the vibrant colors of leaves on all the trees. Campus is my favorite in the fall! There’s something about those trees and the brilliant shades of yellow, red, orange, and green that stop me in my tracks every time. I find trees fascinating, wanting to know why certain leaves change color first? Are the leaves soaking up all the energy they can from the sun before they fall, helping the tree prepare for winter? Is it the nutrients they get from the sun that causes them to shine brilliant colors?  

Psalm 1 speaks of the life of the righteous, those who choose constant connection to God, and compares them to a tree planted by water. These strong, tall trees that bear beautiful fruit and beautiful leaves are secure because of their roots. Beneath the surface these roots are supporting and supplying water, minerals, and nutrients to the rest of the tree. I’ve read that a tree’s root system is usually 2-3 times larger than the canopy of the leaves. There is more than what is seen above the surface.

As we continue to walk with Jesus, it’s those constant connections: staying in the word and connected to the Holy Spirit that keep us rooted, strong, and bearing fruit. It’s not by our own power, but because of our connection to the power source, Jesus. 

May we be people who seek Jesus in the quiet moments, the solitary moments, so that we are transformed by the Holy Spirit and bring the kingdom of God to those all around us.

Becca Palmer poses with her husband two children.

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