Dr. Scott B. Kennedy

Professor of Physical Sciences and Engineering

1100 E. Fifth Street Anderson, IN 46012

During his tenure at Anderson University, Dr. Kennedy has taught a broad range of courses in chemistry, physics, and engineering and maintains an active research program studying biomaterials. A lifelong learner, Dr. Kennedy earned his M.B.A. from Anderson University while on sabbatical during the 2011-2012 academic year. His primary motivation for pursuing this degree was to better understand the demands that are being placed on young, professional scientists and engineers as they enter a work environment that is very different from the environment encountered by previous generations.

Following the 2014 academic year, Dr. Kennedy was recruited by Google’s “moonshot X-labs” to co-design and build the first prototypes of a ‘smart’ accommodating contact lens as part of Google’s Smart Lens Program. In 2015, Google started a new life science company called Verily and transferred the Smart Lens Program, along with several other health initiatives, to this new company. The Smart Lens Program has since evolved into a versatile electronics platform that can support actions like sensing and transmitting data on the eye.

While at Verily Life Sciences, Kennedy helped develop the accommodating contact lens from a proof of concept prototype to a clinically relevant product. During his time there, he co-authored 11 patent applications and created new rigid gas permeable materials with stringent materials specifications. During this time, he scaled back his teaching duties at AU, but continued to serve the university as an adjunct professor. As the Smart Lens Program at Verily transitioned from development to manufacturing, he transitioned back to his full-time position at AU in 2021. 

Outside the classroom, Dr. Kennedy continues to work on developing new applications for smart contact lenses through his consulting business. In addition to meeting the needs of its clients, Dr. Kennedy’s consulting business also provides exciting internship and research opportunities to Anderson University students.

Dr. Kennedy is married to his wonderful wife Melinda, with whom he has three daughters: Cassandra, Jadyn, and Amber. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, teaching and playing tennis at the local racquet club, and playing intramural sports.

Dr. Scott Kennedy has served at Anderson University since 2005.

B.S. Materials Science Engineering, University of Illinois

M.S. Polymer Science Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

M.B.A. Anderson University

Ph.D. Polymer Science Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst