COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Opportunity

 APRIL 22, 2021


Hello Ravens!

I appreciate everyone’s continued efforts to keep this community safe. We had a strong turnout for our first vaccine clinic on April 1, and we’re now preparing for the second clinic April 29 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in Reardon Lobby!

Both the first and the second doses of the vaccine will be offered. For anyone who received the vaccine on April 1, this is your time to get the second dose. 

Registering for your 2nd dose:

Sign up for a 10-minute time slot on April 29 with this form to get your second dose of the Moderna vaccine at AU. This appointment will be just like last time. While you are waiting upstairs during your 15 minutes of observation, please use your phone to snap a quick photo of your completed vaccine card and upload it to the health services portal. Click on the Raven icon and submit an image of your card to help us keep your health records up to date.

If you got your first vaccine at AU on April 1, but you can’t make it on April 29, you can use this link to find a location to schedule your second dose. Two key details you need to know: 

  • You must get the Moderna vaccine for your second dose. 
  • You must get your second dose in this time window: April 29-May 27. We recommend that you get your appointment scheduled today.
Considering your 1st dose?

You’re invited to watch AU’s video Q&A called “COVID-19 Vaccine: On the Fence?” This session answers a variety of questions regarding the vaccine that could be helpful as you consider your options.

You are eligible to sign up for your first dose on April 29 with this form to get the Moderna vaccine at AU. This will be our last clinic of the semester, so you can use this link to schedule your second dose off-campus at a convenient location. Two key details you need to know: 

  • You must get the Moderna vaccine for your second dose. 
  • If you get your first dose on April 29, you must get your second dose in this time window: May 28-June 24. We recommend that you go ahead and book your second dose appointment today.
What to expect:
  • It’s free.
  • It’s at Reardon and walk-ins are welcome.
  • The Moderna vaccine will be offered, both the first and second doses.
  • Individuals will be observed for 15 minutes following vaccinations to monitor for allergic reactions. 
  • To pass the time, we’ll have fun music playing, t-shirt giveaways, and Rodney may even make an appearance! 
  • At the end, we’ll offer you a sticker to wear, and you can use our social media selfie station if you’d like to share that you got vaccinated.
  • Employees’ spouses and children over the age of 18 are also welcome.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine not only helps you, but helps protect those around you. “Loving thy neighbor” in this way can literally save lives, and you are a part of that ripple effect. It is an action that serves friends, family, and countless others you haven’t even met who are at a higher risk. 

God bless, Go Ravens!

Sarah Neal

Professor of Nursing

COVID-19 Taskforce

Students at COVID vaccine clinic at Anderson University

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