Sports Marketing: Jordan Gadis Puts Others First



Creative in the classroom and hard-working on the basketball court, Jordan Gadis is a sophomore, sports marketing student at Anderson University. Gadis hails from Noblesville, Indiana, and came to AU with an interest in sports marketing. Gadis feels his background in athletics has led him to pursue a degree in the field.

When talking about his favorite thing about sports marketing, Gadis says, “I feel like [it] is very diverse. There’s a lot of different categories you can go down with this major.” 

One of Gadis’ professors, James Newton, has a plethora of positive things to say about him, “he is very creative in the marketing sense, and you can see from the class itself that he has the persona of a leader.” 

As a second-year student, Gadis only knows college through the lens of COVID-19. “The COVID year helped me be able to figure out how to make a schedule for myself and balance when I should do this or that,” said Gadis. He also mentioned that with the unconventional year, he had more time to make friends; taking a positive perspective on a gloomy topic. 

Gadis aspires to combine his education in sports marking with a degree in law.  He says, “one of the things I want to do maybe in the future is to get a law degree so I could become a sports agent.” He is also considering other creative careers, such as a marketing director for teams, working with their image and brand. 

As well as being a dedicated student, Gadis is a guard on the men’s basketball team at AU.

“Jordan’s on-court gifts will carry over well to his professional career. He is not easily discouraged, and receives feedback without taking it personally,” says Owen Handy, head coach of the men’s basketball team at AU. Like Newton, Handy has nothing but praise for Gadis. To describe him in three words or less, he chooses, “puts others first.”

When asked what advice he has for aspiring sports marketing students, Gadis mentions the many routes you can take with a sports marketing degree, “when you really get into the degree, there are a lot of different paths you can take, so just be open.”

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