A Valiant Woman in the Church of God



Anyone who has spent time around Anderson University or within the Church of God is most likely familiar with Dr. Kimberly Majeski. The associate professor of biblical studies at AU wears many hats: scholar, preacher, and author, among other things, and it’s probably easier to ask, “What is she not doing?”

When she’s not teaching, she might be preaching as an ordained minister in the Church of God. When she’s not preaching, she’s leading Stripped Love, her non-profit organization that serves victims of sex trafficking. You will also find her leading Preacher Girl School, an online preaching academy designed to help women improve their preaching, communication, and connection skills.

In short, she’s busy, but it’s all in the name of doing God’s work.

“All of my work is centered around justice, grounded in the study of Jesus and the Scripture with a special focus on women in the early Church,” said Majeski. “So, while I do a lot of different things, I work very hard at devoting time to those projects that are callings.”

Her work has garnered attention nationally. During Women’s History Month, Women in Ministry held a campaign to allow individuals to nominate a woman in ministry in the Church of God who has served and impacted their local community and the National Church of God. Majeski was honored as one of this year’s Valiant Women in the Church of God.

“I’m deeply honored to be named among so many other Valiant Women by the Christian Women Connection, a beloved organization dear to my heart,” said Majeski. “I am a lifelong member of what we formerly called ‘Women of the Church of God,’ and have indelible memories of my own mother gathering with the women of our church to pray and study Scripture and support the message of the gospel around the world.”

While it’s plenty of work, the recognition isn’t what makes it all worth it for Majeski. Instead, it’s the mission to bring people closer to Jesus.

“I believe deeply in the power of love, and in the message of Jesus, who walked the dust of Palestine 2,000 years ago, hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors, and called the religious leaders of his time to wake up and see the kingdom in their midst,” said Majeski. “Every time we make the gospel known, we are doing this. It’s worth it, because that’s all there is; it’s worth it because it’s what we’re all here to do, after all.”

So, work she will, taking on one challenge at a time, regardless of the location — be it in a church, a classroom, or a sex club.

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