Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence

Group & Individual Study Sessions

Individual and Group Study Sessions integrate study skills and learning strategies with course-specific content to improve comprehension, critical thinking, and problem-solving under the supervision of a qualified peer tutor.

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Group Study Sessions

How Group Study Sessions Work

One-hour study group sessions are held once a week throughout the semester. Some facilitators also hold extra sessions before exams. The primary function of study groups is to connect course content with study strategies. In study groups, students connect how-to-study with what-to-study.

Why Group Study Sessions Work

Receiving help with specific course content can greatly enhance a student’s learning experience. Group study sessions can deepen the student’s understanding of the material while receiving feedback and guidance from the tutor. Tutors can also assist students in developing effective study strategies tailored to the course content, resulting in enhanced learning and retention of the material.

Study groups have several advantages, but three of them stand out. First, students are not only involved in their own learning but also in the learning of their peers. Second, it’s an excellent way to find and select a study partner and socialize with peers. Finally, study groups are available throughout the semester, which ensures that students always have access to this helpful and supportive resource.

How to Join

Contact the Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence or fill out a tutoring request form, which can be found on Canvas. New groups may be formed as interest is demonstrated.

Individual Study Sessions

Types of Individual Study Sessions

KACE offers one-on-one study sessions with qualified subject and writing tutors. Individual study sessions with a subject tutor are available by appointment. To schedule an individual study session with a subject tutor, contact the Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence or fill out a tutoring request form, which can be found on Canvas.

Individual study sessions with a qualified writing tutor are also available by appointment and anytime through walk-in meetings at our writing center. Students can also submit a paper online to be reviewed by a writing tutor.

Become a Tutor

For a current list of available tutor/facilitator positions and/or to apply, please go to the Office of Work Life Engagement on the first floor of Decker Hall. All applicants for all tutor and facilitator positions must meet the minimum requirements, which include the following:

  • Must have the recommendation of their instructor for that particular course.
  • Must have received a grade of a B or above (preferably an A in that particular course).
  • Must have at least a sophomore standing or a “strong” faculty recommendation from the instructor of  the course being tutored.
  • Must agree to specific KACE professional standards.
  • Must take part in the tutor mentorship program.
  • Must complete tutor training (all sessions).
  • Must be willing to meet and communicate with course instructors.