2015-16 Faculty Accomplishments

(Listed in the order as received)

Summer 2015 

(March 2015) Scott Kennedy and his colleagues at Coeus were granted US Patent number US 8968771 B2 related  to articles and methods for applying antimicrobial protection (March 2015) 

  1. Maria Scott presented a lecture entitled, “Portuguese Americans in American Politics: A historico-comparative analysis of Massachusetts and Rhode Island,” sponsored by the University of the Azores, the Regional Government of the Azores, and the Embassy of the United States in Portugal (May 28, 2015). 

Faculty members from the School of Science and Engineering received notice that they were awarded grant funding  from INSGC (Indiana Space Grant Consortium): 

Justin Lambright/Courtney Taylor – $15,000 for Mathematics research 

Chad File (assisted by Chad Wallace, Jennifer Coy, Scott Carr, and 4 students) – $5,000 for Solar Car team. In addition, five SSE students received INSGC scholarships totaling $6,000. 

Gail Augustine successfully defended her dissertation, “An Examination of Social Psychological Attrition Factors  for Underrepresented Minority Undergraduate Students: Phenomenological Perspectives of Successful Students  and Graduates” in June. 

John Millis had a paper Published, entitled “VERITAS Detection of gamma-ray Flaring Activity From the BL Lac  Object 1ES 1727+502 During Bright Moonlight Observations,” Archambault, S., et. al., accepted to The  Astrophysical Journal, June 19, 2015. 

During Jennifer Coy’s computational physics research as a Faculty Development Summer Scholar, she was  appointed a “Visiting Scholar” in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University, working with  Dr. Ephraim Fischbach on the study of the variability of radioactive decay rates during solar storms. 

Jeff Siemon published “EBooks: Acquisition, Discovery, Delivery and Patron Support” in the American  Theological Library Association Summary of Proceedings 69, 262-268 (2015). Siemon presented the paper at  ATLA’s 69th Annual Conference held in Denver, Colorado, June 17-20. 

Dan Ippolito presented a paper entitled “Critical Realism, Science, and C. S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man” at the  18th Annual Conference of the International Association for Critical Realism held July 27-31 at Notre Dame  University. The paper was accepted for publication in Christian Scholar’s Review. 

Shauna Steele‘s adjudicated works were accepted for presentation and performance at the Edinburgh  International Festival Fringe through the International College Theatre Festival in August 2016. Accepted works  include: Notes I Never Delivered (2013), Caged Bird Legacy/Disobedient Objects (2015), Ghostlight (2012), Now  for Something Completely…Different? (2003), and three new works, Sacred Ground (2016), Fairlight (2016), and  The Red Chair (2016).

Kyle Tarplee completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University in August. His  dissertation was entitled: “Highly Scalable Algorithms For Scheduling Tasks and Provisioning Machines on  Heterogeneous Computing Systems.” 

Kevin Radaker offered eight performances as Henry David Thoreau as part of the Ohio Chautauqua tour. He also  offered two performances as C. S. Lewis at two separate churches in Ohio. 

  1. Maria Scott was awarded a grant by the Luso-American Development Foundation for the production of Vol.  4.2 of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies

Judy Carter, Ken Osborn, Jason Pierce, and Lynn Schmidt have each successfully passed the Certified  Nurse Educator (CNE) Examination. This certification establishes nursing education as a specialty of practice by the  National League for Nursing (NLN), and credentialing communicates that the highest standards of excellence are  being met. 

Shauna Steele was the guest educator and choreographer in August 2015 for The Arts Center, Burscough Wharf,  Liverpool, England. She worked with disabled members of the Center on their adaptation of Grease, the musical,  which will be performed in November 2015. 

Anna Stumpf co-presented at the Sixth Annual International Symposium on Service-Learning held at the  University of Indianapolis in late May, hosting 45 institutions from six countries. Anna’s presentation entitled, “Strengthening Interdisciplinary International Service Learning: Foundations for Sustainable Practices,” was well  received at the conference, earning both the “Most Motivating” and “Most Engaging” speaker awards. 

September 2015 

A paper by Justin Lambright for Courtney Taylor – entitled, “A generalized class of modified R-polynomials”  was published in the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 62(3) (2015), pages 228-239. 

Greg Kaufinger‘s paper entitled, “Macroeconomic Factors Affecting US Retail Furniture/Home Furnishings  Industry Saleswas published in the Research in Business & Economics Journal (Vol. 10 – Oct. 2015). RBEJ  publishes original, unpublished empirical-research business and economics manuscripts. Original studies in  accounting, finance, economics, international business, management, and marketing are appropriate for  publication consideration in the journal. This journal is blind peer reviewed with an acceptance rate of less than  40%. 

Donna Albrecht will have an article coming out in the fall INTESOL Journal (Indiana TESOL) on her research,  “An Exploratory Model of ESL Program Leadership.” Additionally, Donna’s article entitled, “Talking Points and  Strategies to Get Your Administrators on Board with WIDA” has been selected for publishing in a Special Issue of  the INTESOL Journal: WIDA in Indiana, Vol. 12, No. 1 (2015). The issue will be released in conjunction with the  2015 fall conference in November. 

October 2015 

Daniel Allen authored Awaken Your Might: Working to Become a More Christ-Centered Leader, which was  published by Crosslink Publishing. The book “is a Christ-centered devotional, with daily reflections meant to build  leadership ability for all the places God calls you to serve.” 

David Murphy‘s essay entitled “Fr. Edward Sorin” was published this month in the volume Indiana’s 200: The  People Who Shaped the Hoosier State (edited by James St. Clair: Indiana Historical Society Press).

Ellen Daniels was elected to the national Leadership Council for the Christian Adult Higher Education  Association (CAHEA). This organization is for adult degree program administrators to discuss issues and problems  unique to Christian non-traditional higher education programs. 

Gert Kumi is performing with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra October 16 at the Schrott Center for the Arts  (Butler University). The next day, he will be judging at the Music Teachers National Association competition at Ball  State University. In addition, Professor Kumi has been invited to perform in January 2016 in China as the soloist in  the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto in Wenzhou Grand Theater with the Wenzhou Symphony Orchestra. 

  1. Maria Scott will deliver a public lecture at the University of Massachusetts on Oct. 22. The lecture is entitled The Political Incorporation of Portuguese Americans in New England: Partisan and Nonpartisan Ballots and Ethnic Populations” and is sponsored by the Ferreira Mendes Portuguese American Archives. 

Kevin Radaker has been asked by the Thoreau Society’s Bicentennial Committee to be the first “Thoreau  Bicentennial Ambassador,” which means that he will offer dramatic presentations of his “Thoreau” at several universities and/or public libraries in central Indiana in 2017, the 200th anniversary of Thoreau’s birth. The  committee has also asked Dr. Radaker to present a special program in Concord, Massachusetts, in October 2017  that will focus on Thoreau’s Autumnal Tints. 

Praises to the Social Work Program. Anderson University was named among the best value Christian colleges  for a CSWE-accredited social work degree in the U.S. in a ranking published in August by the Social Work Degree  Guide. Final rankings were determined by totaling weighted scores for tuition, return on investment, student-to faculty ratio, accreditation date, and number of CSWE-accredited degree programs offered. Editors highlighted  AU’s school work program that appeals to applicants’ faith, personal values, and natural desire to help others. 

Feler Bose co-wrote an opinion piece entitled, “Sunsetting Government Waste,” which was included in the  September 1 edition of the US News and World Report

Hyeon Joon Shin co-authored an article entitled, “What is the Role of Agricultural Trade in Promoting Global  Food Security?” He presented the paper October 11 at the International Conference on Global Food Security at  Cornell University. He also presented the paper October 23 at the 52nd annual meeting of the Missouri Valley  Economic Association in Kansas City. The article will be included as a chapter in the book, Trade liberalization:  Global Policies, Benefits and Economic Risks

Fred Miller III ran the 26.2-mile Indianapolis Marathon on October 17, finishing in first place with a time of  2:41:39. Noteworthy accomplishment for our associate professor of exercise science – congratulations, Fred! 

November 2015 

Anna Epperly co-presented (with Ball State University professors Nina Yssel and Maria Sciuchetti) at the Teacher  Education Division (TED) Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children held in Phoenix, Arizona Nov. 4. The  topic of the presentation was “Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs: Student Teaching and Beyond.”  

Diana Jones was a presenter at the Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance  (IAHPERD) State Convention in Indianapolis November 4-6. Her first session was entitled, “Everybody Dance  Now!” and included various circle dances with assessment tips. Her second session, which was co-presented with  Stephanie Crosby, was entitled, “Come On In and Move: Instant Activities that Work” and focused on instant  activities that elementary physical educators can use when their students first enter the gymnasium. 

Christina Merckx recently accepted an appointment to the Scholarship Review Committee for the National  Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Fred Miller and three exercise science students were featured in the Anderson Herald Bulletin for the university’s  continuing partnership with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Scott Mellinger’s policy requires all  deputies to undergo physical fitness assessments twice each year. Dr. Miller supervises his students while they  administer the tests. 

Donna Albrecht presented “ENL Licensure Test Strategy and Advocacy” at the 2015 INTESOL Conference held  November 14, 2015, in Indianapolis. INTESOL is the Indiana Affiliate of the TESOL (Teachers of English to  Speakers of Other Languages) organization. 

Marian Osborne Berky and others accepted an award presented November 14 at the University of Indianapolis  for environmental efforts on behalf of the Heart of the River Coalition. The non-profit was recognized by both the  Hoosier Environmental Council and the Indiana Wildlife Federation as Environmental Organization of the Year for  2015 for its role in preserving the White River. 

January 2016 

Christina Eaton completed her Master of Science in Nursing with a focus in Education from Anderson University. 

Joani Brandon participated in a panel discussion entitled “The Successful Choral Music Teacher Evaluation” presented at the Indiana Music Educator Association professional development conference in Ft. Wayne Jan. 14-16,  2016. 

  1. Maria Scott published Vol. 4.2 of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies. Her article, The Political Incorporation of Portuguese Americans in New England: Partisan and Nonpartisan Ballots and Ethnic Populations” was published in this volume. 

John Millis co-authored an article entitled, “The TeV binary system LS I +61° 303” which was published in  The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 817, Issue 1 (Jan. 20, 2016). 

Heaven Fan served on the jury for the International Harp Competition held in Mexico, and also performed a  concert at the festival. The competition and festival were held in Mexico City January 18-24, 2016. 

Dan Ippolito presented a lecture entitled “Abortion, Science, and Smokescreens” at the Indiana University  Maurer School of Law on January 29, 2016. 

February 2016 

Samantha Yoo’s advertising campaign for Ugg and Shoe Village was published via New York City Bus exterior  marketing media which launched last October and continued through January. 

Greg Kaufinger and students from AU Enactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise) wrote and self-published a  white paper entitled 3 C’s of Effective Social Media (and 5 Pitfalls You Need to Avoid). In this white paper, AU  Enactus students advance the notion that effective social media must follow three basic tenets: Consistency,  Conciseness, and Connectivity. This paper also includes a real life social media success story explaining how AU  Enactus students applied the 3 C’s to a small business in Madison County. 

David Murphy has been named a fellow of the Independent Social Research Foundation’s Residential Research  Group at Cambridge University for August 2016, to present a paper on Nazi spatial and population policy for  inclusion in a forthcoming book entitled New Earth Thinking? Investigations of the Geo across Social Sciences.

March 2016 

Donna Albrecht gave two presentations at the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) Conference  held March 2-5, 2016, in Chicago. Donna’s presentations were entitled, “Identifying and teaching high ability  English learners: meeting the needs of an under-identified group” and “Equity for English Learners: An  unapologetic call for policy changes and leadership development.” NABE is a non-profit membership organization  that works to advocate for educational equity and excellence for bilingual/multilingual students in a global society. 

David Che and Terry Pahls made a poster presentation entitled “The Development of a Truly Hands-On  Strength of Materials Lab using Torque Wrenches for Breaking Metal Fasteners” at the 2016 American Society of  Engineering Education (ASEE) North-Central Section Conference held March 18-19 at Central Michigan University. David Che also presented a paper entitled “Incorporating Excel Data Solver in Teaching Undergraduate  Engineering Curriculum” at the same conference. 

Praises to the AU Enactus team who won the regional competition in Chicago on March 21. Though considered an  extra-curricular activity, AU Enactus offers Falls School of Business students experiential opportunities including the application of entrepreneurial principles, the prospect of connecting with executives of Fortune 500 companies,  and the chance to develop leadership, communication, and project management skills. Assisting primary faculty  advisor Greg Kaufinger are faculty sponsors Hyeon Joon Shin and Anna Stumpf. The team will now be  preparing for the 2016 national competition to be held May 15-17 in St. Louis.  

Joel Shrock authored a chapter entitled “Alger, Fosdick, and Stratemeyer in the Heartland: Crossover Reading in  Muncie, Indiana, 1891-1902” in the book Print Culture Histories Beyond the Metropolis which was released  March 17. 

Daniel Allen served on a panel (with representatives from Albion, Kenyon, Denison, and Woster) discussing developing international studies programs at liberal arts institutions in the Midwest, held at the International  Studies Association’s (ISA) annual convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, March 15-19.  

Tammy Reedy-Strother’s application to establish a campus charter of the International Sociology Honor  Society, Alpha Kappa Delta, was granted. The first membership class will be inducted later this semester. 

Feler Bose was awarded a $5,600 grant by the Charles Koch Foundation to pursue a “Liberty and Markets”  economics project, which includes research funding and bringing a speaker to campus. 

April 2016 

Scott Borders, Associate Director and Treasurer for the College English Association (CEA), was presented with  the “Head Coach” award at CEA’s annual conference held March 31-April 2 in Denver, Colorado. The award  recognized Borders for his work in mentoring the last three program chairs. Elizabeth Imafuji and Jason Parks also attended the conference and assisted Borders in the registration of more than 450 attendees. 

Elizabeth Imafuji presented a paper entitled, “Re-creating an English Department Classic: Teaching the History  of the English Language for Future English Teachers” at the College English Association (CEA) conference held in  Denver, Colorado, March 31-April 2. 

Liz Ranfeld had the following essays recently read, published, or to be published: 

“Lent, Rules, and Jude Law’s Pretty Face” was published in the Lent 2016 edition of The Cresset literary journal  from Valparaiso University; 

“Breathlessness” will be published in the Spring 2016 edition of Relief Journal

“Myopia” was read at the One Poet, One Poem off-site reading during the Association of Writers and Writing  Programs (AWP) conference held in Los Angeles March 30-April 2.

Hyeon Joon Shin presented a paper entitled, “Effective Health Policies and Health Aid Allocation” at the  Midwest Economics Association’s annual meeting held in Evanston, Illinois, April 1-3. 

Peter Elliott presented a paper entitled, “Perceptions of Learning Challenges in the First-Year Composition  Classroom” at the 2016 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) held in Houston, Texas,  April 6-9. 

Greg Kaufinger presented an educational case study, Harold’s Retail Apparel, at the 2016 International Academy  of Business and Public Administration Disciplines’ spring conference held April 21-24 in Dallas, Texas. The case  was co-authored with Chris Neuenschwander; the manuscript is under review for publication. 

Feler Bose had two papers accepted for publication. The first, “Poverty and Aid to the Poor: A Dialogue” will be  published in the fall 2016 issue of the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business (CBFA), and the second, “Lecture,  Leisure, Learning: Teaching Economic Development Abroad in India,” is expected to be published in 2017 Journal  for Economic Educators. Dr. Bose also presented “Determinants of Sexual Freedom in the United States from  1990-2010: Dynamic Panel Data Analysis” at Public Choice in Fort Lauderdale (March 2016) and “Say Yes to Drugs:  Using the State to Keep Out Pioneering Drug Addition Treatments” at the Association of Private Enterprise  Education in Las Vegas (April 2016).