2011-12 Faculty Accomplishments

(Listed in the order as received)

August 2011 

Dulce Maria Scott’s paper “Hispanic business enterprise success: Ethnic resources, market orientation, or market  exchange embeddedness?” will be published in the Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies.  

September 2011 

Sarah Neal presented a poster titled “Multi-Agency Partnership for the Creation of a High-Fidelity Simulation Lab” at  the 2011 Emerging Technologies in Nurse Education. 

Kevin Radaker completed a 10-day tour of five Colorado cities east of the front range from July 28-Aug 6, offering his  portrayal of C.S. Lewis five times and Henry David Thoreau four times.  

Don Boggs’ and Covenant Production’s® documentary, A Ripple of Hope, was awarded a Regional Emmy® award  (Lower Great Lakes Chapter) for best documentary for 2010. Also, Digital_Man/Digital_World, a 2011 documentary  directed and produced by Don Boggs, was an Official Selection at this year’s Heartland Film Festival and was screened in  October in Indianapolis at the festival. It also premiered in late October in the Boston area, the home of the film’s subjects:  Digital Equipment Corporation and Ken Olsen.  

Brian Dirck finished two book manuscripts over the summer. Lincoln and the Constitution is part of Southern Illinois  Press’ Concise Lincoln Library series and will be published in early 2012. Lincoln and White America will be published by  the University Press of Kansas and appear on President’s Day 2012. Brian also finished an article on Mary Lincoln’s racial  views for an upcoming collection of essays on Mary and her legacy.  

Joani Brandon has been named to the national history committee for the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA). AOSA is the national organization for this method of teaching. The position is in connection with the  dissertation research she has been doing on the history of Orff-Schulwerk teacher training in the United States. Also, on  Oct. 1, she served as clinician for the Indiana Kodaly Workshop in Indianapolis (held at Butler University). 

Inge Baird completed the Bridging the Gap training program and received certification in medical interpreting.  

Doyle Lucas served as peer reviewer, editor, and contributor for new textbook Management: A Faith-Based Perspective published by Pearson Publishing and authored by Dr. Michael Cafferky. Dr. Cafferky is a graduate of the Anderson  University DBA Program.  

Emmett Dulaney has two publications by Sybex: The 5th edition of the CompTIA Security+ Study Guide (ISBN:  9781118014738) and The 2nd edition of the CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, Deluxe Edition (ISBN: 9781118014745). 

Mike Wiese and Emmett Dulaney wrote an article “Factors Contributing to the Final Selling Price of Auctioned Gift  Cards.” It was published in the Journal of Internet Commerce.  

Steve Risinger serves as the chair of the Indiana Athletic Trainers Association Education Committee. He is also a  member of the Indiana State Medical Association Commission on Sports Medicine and a member of the Indiana Athletic  Trainers Association HOF/ awards committee. 

Jeff Buck co-wrote a research article with George Howell. “The Adult Student and course satisfaction: What matters  most?” will be published in the spring issue of Innovative Higher Education. 

Larry Seibert gave the three presentations over the summer: “Moving Beyond Satisfied Members to Loyal Members” to  the Virginia Society of Association Executives in Richmond, Va.; “Generational Differences Among Association Members:  Results of the 2010 Association Metrics Study” during a concurrent session at the Michigan Society of Association  Executives Annual Conference in Bellaire, Mich.; and “How to Design a Quantitative Index to Measure Your Members’  Involvement” during a concurrent session at the Florida Society of Association Executives Annual Conference in Miami.  Three of his articles were published in Association Focus: “Who Are Your Volunteers,” February 2011; “Why It’s Better to  Measure Loyalty than Satisfaction,” July 2011; and “Are Some of Your Members Captive?” September 2011. His article  “Why Do They Belong?” was published in the July/August 2011 issue of Association Impact.  

Amber Reed presented “Bullying in Schools: Utilizing Student-Centered Curriculum as Catalyst for Social Action” at the  International Conference on Education, Economy, and Society in Paris, France, in July 2011. 

Fred Shively wrote a chapter for the Psychology and Bible Section of the Society for Biblical Literature titled “The  Compassion of God as the Basis for Other-Directedness.” The book was published by T & T Clark-Continuum.  

Becky Hull presented a session titled “Moving to Learn and Learning to Move” at an Early Childhood Conference in  September 2011 and a session at the IAHPERD State Conference in November 2011 titled “What Can I Do When Getting a  Teaching Job is Not an Option?” Becky also finished a term as president of the Midwest District Association for Health,  Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. She is on the coordinating committee planning the Centennial Celebration of  Midwest District. 

Debbi Brock has been invited by the University of Oxford to develop a social entrepreneurship online course with a  target launch date of fall 2012. 

Sarah Neal attended the 2011 Emerging Technologies in Nurse Education Conference (13.5 CEU’s) in July 2011. At the  conference, she presented a poster, “Multi-agency Partnership for the Creation of a High-Fidelity Simulation Lab.” 

Katy Sample, Becky Hull, and Donna Albrecht gave presentations during breakout sessions at the third annual  Making Connections Madison County Early Childhood Provider Conference in September. Nearly 300 people attended the  conference.  

October 2011 

David Murphy spoke at the Tippecanoe County Public Library’s Indiana History Program in September about his book  “Murder in Their Hearts: The Fall Creek Massacre.” 

Larry Seibert’s article Why Members Belong to Associations: An Examination of Generational Differences” appeared in the October 2011 issue of Association Press.  

Kevin Radaker performed his dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis in October at the annual International Schools of  China (ISC) Christian teacher’s conference in Beijing, China. Later that month, he presented a 90-minute performance as  Henry David Thoreau, designed to emphasize his anti-slavery speeches, as a keynote event for the festivities celebrating  the 375th anniversary of the First Parish Church in Concord, Mass. He offered two C. S. Lewis performances again at  Colorado Christian University, just outside of Denver at the end of the month.  

Elizabeth Imafuji chaired the Indiana College English Association annual conference held at the Flagship on Oct. 7. At  the conference, Deborah Miller Fox presented “Soup Beans and Sweet Potato Pie: A Reading from A Star for Robbins  Chapel and a Discussion of Regionalism in Young Adult Fiction,” and Kevin Radaker presented “The Spirit of  Wilderness in Thoreau’s ‘Chesuncook.’” 

Emmett Dulaney’s article “Special Programs for Women and Minorities ” was published in the Hamilton County  Business Magazine

November 2011 

Larry Seibert’s article Why Members Belong to Associations: An examination of Generational Differences” was  published in the magazine Source in October.  

Larry Seibert’s recent publications include: Why members belong to associations: An examination of generational  differences” which appeared in the Source, pp.14, 38, October 2011. In November, “An Alternative to Averages” has been  published in Final Proof, the online publication of Association Media and Publishing.  


Donna Albrecht presented on the topic of Identifying & Teaching High Ability English Learners at the Indiana State  Teaching English Learners Conference this month.  

Diana Jones took 6 physical education teaching students (Katie Mountsier, Kyle Markley, Greg Vogt, Jen Williamson,  Julia Seitz, and Fruzsi Martonffy) to the state Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance  conference last Friday where they presented a session called, “If I Only Had A Brain….”, focusing on brain research and  the link between physical movement and enhanced learning.  

Kevin Radaker offered his dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis at Edgewood United Methodist Church on East Epler Ave.,  Indianapolis on November 13, 2011. 

John Millis hosted the Indiana Astrophysics Meeting here at AU. The meeting featured 10 excellent talks from some of  Indiana’s most well-known astrophysicists. Finally, the meeting welcomed David Thompson from NASA’s Goddard Space  Flight Center to give a fantastic keynote address. 

Lolly Bargerstock Oyler presented at the Early On Conference on November 3 in Traverse City, Michigan. The title of  the presentation was “Feeling Prepared for Family-Centered Practice: A Survey of Early On Providers in Michigan“.  

Nursing Faculty CONGRATULATIONS on 100% NCLEX pass rate!  

February 2012  

Connie Hippensteel and Becky Hull have been awarded an Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education,  Recreation and Dance (IAHPERD) Mini Grant ($2,000) and will be partnering with the Madison County Community  Health Center (MCCHC) in Anderson to deliver an Employee Wellness/Exercise Program. MCCHC will match the  $2,000. AU students, Connie Hippensteel and Becky Hull will deliver the program and conduct workshops of 6 weeks  which will be repeated for different populations.  

Kimberly Lyle Ippolito and Dan Ippolito gave a talk to the Taylor University C. S. Lewis Society on Friday, November  11, 2011 entitled “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO FIT IN WITH THE COOL KIDS? – C. S. LEWIS AND THE  DYNAMICS OF THE INNER RING”. 

Kevin Brown successfully defended his dissertation in Scotland in December 2011. 

Merle Strege, co-author of “Called to Unite Knowledge & Vital Piety” was released in December 2011. Laurel Goetzinger received the Indiana Faculty Service Award from the ACTF this year. 

Larry Seibert’s article “How and why to de-average your survey satisfaction ratings”, appeared in the  November/December 2011 issue of Impact, a publication of the Michigan Society of Association Executives. 

Mike Wiese’s article was published in the Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, Vol. 2011, Iss. 4, entitled: “The Market  Oriented Innovator’s Dilemma.” Using primary data, the article explores the impact of the entrepreneur’s orientation  toward innovation compared with that of the market. 

Larry Seibert appeared on November 28, 2011 as a guest on the Association Impact radio show on the Michigan  Business Network and also published “An alternative to averages,” Association Impact 28 (6). pp. 28-29. (A publication  of the Michigan Society of Association Executives.)

Joani Brandon’s article will be published in the Spring edition of The Orff Echo journal published by the American Orff Schulwerk Association. The topic is an historical look at the first ongoing Orff-Schulwerk training center in the United  States and its leader. 

Karen Williams has been selected to review Davis’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination. 

Laurel Goetzinger took eight AU students in January 2012 for six days to The Kennedy Center American College  Theatre Regional Festival which was held at the University of Illinois, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. 

March 2012  

Kimberly Lyle Ippolito was the Technical Editor on “Biology for Dummies.” The project editor for this book was Heike  Baird—Dave & Inge Baird’s daughter, and an AU grad. 

Debbi Brock presented a live chat session hosted by the United States Department of State for the Global Undergraduate  Exchange program for East Asia, the Pacific and the Western Hemisphere with over 200 emerging student leaders. The  discussion included twelve pages of transcripts of the questions posed by students around the world on the value of social  entrepreneurship to address some of societies most pressing problems.  

Deborah Miller Fox’s article “A Lesson in Academic Integrity” was recently published in Faculty Focus.  http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/teaching-and-learning/a-lesson-in-academic-integrity-as-students-feel-the injustice-of-plagiarism/ 

Jeff Buck recently published, along with co-author George Howell, his fifth peer review article in Innovative Higher  Education titled “ The Adult Student and Course Satisfaction: What Matters Most?” 

April 2012  

Scott Borders served as program chair for the College English Association’s annual conference in Richmond, VA, March  29-31. Over 550 scholars met to give papers on various topics in English studies. Borders moves next into the presidency  of the College English Association for 2012-2013. 

John Millis received a grant from the Indiana Space Grant Consortium/NASA to study pulsed gamma-ray emission from  neutron stars using the VERITAS array in southern Arizona. On April 11 – 12 he will attend the 2012 Indiana Space Grant  Consortium Meeting at Purdue University where he will give an overview talk on his research efforts here at AU as well as  participate on panels exploring further space and astronomy efforts here in Indiana.  

On April 13, John will give an invited colloquium at Valparaiso University titled ”Observing the High Energy Universe  with VERITAS”, also on April 13 he will be giving an invited public lecture, as part of a continuing invited lecture series at Valparaiso, titled “Our Universe: The Evolution of our Understanding”.  

On April 25, John will be debating Dr. Jay Wile on the subject of Old Earth vs. Young Earth scientific theory, to be held on  AU’s campus (Hartung 321) with a focus on issues related to astronomy and astrophysics, as well as considering questions  that have been submitted by the local (Anderson and surrounding areas) home-school community that will be in  attendance.  

John also has a paper that has been accepted for publication, “VERITAS Observations of the Nova in V407 Cygni”, which  will appear in the upcoming edition of The Astrophysical Journal. 

The 2011 documentary “Digital_Man/Digital_World”, directed by Don Boggs is being distributed by the National  Educational Telecommunications Association to PBS TV stations this June. Also, the documentary “65316: Auschwitz 

Survivor” which was shot in 1984 with an AU studio audience has been re-edited and will be released to DVD through the  Indiana Historical Society. Its subject, Mike Vogel, was # 65316 at Auschwitz and delivers a personal account of his  experiences. 

Judith Carter is one of the editors for Transcultural Health Care: A Culturally Competent Approach (4th Edition), Larry  D. Purnell & Betty J. Paulanka. The 4th edition will be coming out in the fall of this year. Judith has specifically been  working on Transcultural Diversity and Health Care, and Cultural Competence.  

Daniel Allen has been named a 2012 Academic Fellow by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and will travel  to Israel this summer to study counterterrorism policy at Tel Aviv University. Joel Shrock is on the list as an alternate.  

Pi Sigma Alpha, a national political science honor society, has inducted its charter members at AU. Our chapter is the  738th for the organization, which is by far the largest honor society for the discipline. The chapter was organized by Dan  Allen and Michael Frank, and Dan will serve as its faculty adviser. 

Brian Dirck has two new books available for purchase as of this month: Abraham Lincoln and White America (published  by Kansas Press) and Lincoln and the Constitution (Southern Illinois Press). 

Debbi Brock has been invited to serve on the Advisory Council for the Entrepreneurship Education and Training (EET)  programs for the World Bank and the Thunderbird Graduate School of Business to conduct research and benchmarking  study on effective dimensions of global entrepreneurship education and training programs which will be used to guide  World Bank policy decisions about EET programs and funding initiatives. 

Emmett Dulaney has co-authored a book titled, “CompTIA Network Plus, 4th Edition.” Published by Pearson, this book  is a comprehensive review for a prominent network examination. 

In chapel April 12, Kevin Brown was presented the 2011-12 Nicholson Award by the SGA president. 

Four additional articles have been published by Larry Seibert. The most recent, “How Dues Reimbursement Affects  Perceptions of Membership Value,” appears in the April 3 issue of Resources. 

For a project led by Becky Haskett and Stephanie Moran, Indiana Campus Compact has awarded a networking grant  to strengthen the partnership between regional nonprofits and Anderson University.