Religious Studies Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff

G. Alan Overstreet
Professor of Christian Education/Ministry
Director, AUCME
Chair, Department of Religious Studies
D.Min., Christian Theological Seminary

Hartung 172
Ext. 4502 (765) 641-4502
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Brian Charles Barlow
Professor of Religious Studies
Ph.D., Emory University

Hartung 168
Ext. 3717 (765) 641-3717
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Marian Osborne Berky
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Director, Peace and Conflict Transformation Program
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Hartung 171
Ext. 4559 (765) 641-4559
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Fredrick Wayne Burnett
Professor of Religion
Classics Coordinator
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Hartung 175
Ext. 4504 (765) 641-4504
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Todd Faulkner
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries
B.A., Bluefield College
M.Div., D.Min., Anderson University School of Theology
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Shane Kirkpatrick
Professor of Biblical Studies
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Hartung 180
Ext. 4508 (765) 641-4508
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Kimberly S. Majeski
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry
B.A., Cumberland University
M.Div., D.Min., Anderson University School of Theology
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Fredrick Harold Shively
Professor Emeritus

Lynn Spencer Spaulding
Professor Emeritus

Merle Dennis Strege
Professor of Historical Theology
Th.D., Graduate Theological Union

Hartung 169
Ext. 4506 (765) 641-4506
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