2014-15 Faculty Accomplishments

(Listed in the order as received)

Summer 2014 

John Millis published three articles in The Astrophysical Journal: “Investigating the TeV Morphology of MGRO  J1908+06 with VERITAS,” E. Aliu, et. al. (May 15); “Spatially Resolving the Very High Energy Emission from  MGRO J2019+37 with VERITAS,” E. Aliu, et. al. (May 23); and “Test of Models of the Cosmic Infrared Background  with Multiwavelength Observations of the Blazar 1ES 1218+30.4 in 2009”, S. Archambault, et. al. (June 4). 

Rebekah I. Baker completed her Ph. D., majoring in Elementary Education with Cognates in Research  Methodology and Educational Administration. Baker’s Dissertation was “Teacher Preparation for a Diverse Society:  Immersive Learning Experiences Within the Context of Community as a Means of Strengthening Culturally  Relevant Pedagogy and Cultural Competence in Preservice Teachers.” 

Elizabeth Imafuji earned her Ph. D. in English from Ball State University after successfully defending her  Dissertation entitled, “The Role of Interest in First-Year Composition.” 

Jeffrey Trotter completed his Ph. D. at Ball State University, majoring in Educational Psychology with a Cognate  in Neuropsychology. Trotter’s Dissertation was titled, “Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: Assessment and Intervention  Practices of School Psychologists and the Implications for Training in the United States.” 

Kendall Osborn successfully completed his M.S.N. degree. His research is entitled, “Effectiveness of Nursing  Grand Rounds Simulation in Undergraduate Nursing Students.” 

Following an ongoing effort for more than a year, the Interdisciplinary Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies (of  which Dulce Maria Scott is co-founding editor) has been evaluated and approved for indexation and abstraction by LATINDEX, MLA International Bibliography, EBSCO’s Academic Search International database, and ProQuest’s Social Science Journalsand Research Library. The journal content is being distributed internationally by EBSCO  and ProQuest. The first ongoing subscription was just sold by EBSCO to the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (Germany). 

Janet Brewer co-presented on the topic of “Radical On-Campus Collaboration” at the 2014 Snezek Library  Leadership Institute sponsored by CCCU. 

Tim Fox reports that the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures received notification  that our Spanish Education program has been nationally recognized and accredited by ACTFL and NCATE (the  accrediting bodies for modern language programs), following a two-year process of reports and revisions. “We are  proud and excited about this accomplishment. Carrie Clay deserves the credit for leading us in this effort and  working with our School of Education to bring accreditation to fruition.” Felicitaciones, Carrie and MFLC!! 

Kevin Radaker presented his dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis at Taylor University for the Ewbank Colloquium  on C. S. Lewis and Friends, where he also served on a panel devoted to the teaching of C. S. Lewis. In addition,  during a 5-week summer tour in Ohio with two Chautauquas, Radaker presented his “Lewis” five times and his  “Thoreau” eight times.

Randall Frieling performed with Herbert Buffington the opening concert for the National Association of Disciple  Musicians 2014 Conference for Music and Worship, where Frieling also accompanied the mass choir and taught  classes on piano literature for worship. Additionally, Frieling accompanied the music workshop for the Epworth  Forest Choir School. 

After spending the summer in California working for Google X, Scott Kennedy has been retained to complete his  work as lead scientist on their new accommodating “smart” contact lens project. Kennedy has been granted a leave  of absence for academic year 2014-15. 

Scott Borders will serve the College English Association as its treasurer for 2014-2015. The organization’s annual  national conference will be held in Indianapolis March 26-28, 2015. 

Brian Dirck is working on two book projects over last year and this year: Lincoln’s Hardest Summer with  Southern Illinois University Press, and Lincoln in Indiana for the Concise Lincoln Library series. Dirck was the  only scholar chosen to write more than one volume in the Concise Lincoln Library series. 

September 2014 

The print media work of Kevin Rudynski was juried into the following national visual art exhibitions: 

2014 Mid America Print Council Member’s Exhibition (March 22-May 25, 2014) 

South Bend Art Museum (South Bend, Ind.) 

Juror: Carlos Segura, Director for the Notre Dame Center for Art and Culture 

Accepted Work Title: Believe Media: Screenprinting 

2014 Mid America Print Council Biennial Conference & Exhibition (Sept. 12-Oct. 17, 2014) Wayne State University (Detroit, Mich.) 

Juror: Marilyn Symmes, Director, Morse Research Center for Graphic Arts & Curator of Prints and Drawings  at the Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N.J.) 

Accepted Work Title: Like Media: Lithography and Letterpress 

14th Annual Open Space: Art About Land (Aug. 30-Sept. 28, 2014) 

The Minnetrista Center (Muncie, Ind.) 

Juror: Brian Byrn, Curator of Exhibitions and Education, Midwest Museum of American Art (Elkhart, Ind.) Accepted Work Title: Sostenuto Media: Lithography 

Accepted Work Title: Botanical Torch Structure Media: Lithography 

Michael Wiese co-authored an article with Kevin Brown entitled, “Work and Worship” which was published in  the Christian Business Review Journal (August 2014).  

George Salinas was a guest speaker for Indy Telemundo regarding José Limón, an important figure in dance.  The interview aired both locally and nationally during National Hispanic Heritage Month. 

October 2014 

Amber Reed gave the keynote address at the 6th annual Making Connections Madison County Early Childhood  Conference in Chesterfield Oct. 4. Other AU presenters included adjunct faculty members Stephanie Crosby and  Carolyn Shryock. Jeannie Ecker served on the conference planning committee along with Dr. Reed. 

Kevin Radaker presented his dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis for a student chapel at Taylor University on  October 8. 

Laura Stull presented at the 85th Annual Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences (Oct. 10, 2014) on the topic of  “Faith communities and Mental Health: A Review of research on the Stigma of mental Illness among Clergy.”

Tammy L. Reedy-Strother presented at the 85th Annual Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences (Oct. 10, 2014)  on the topic of “Separate but Equal? Feminization of the Clergy and the Changing Nature of Professional Ministry.” 

Hyeon Joon Shin joined the editorial board of The Journal of World Economic Review, an international journal  publishing articles across the field of economics, econometrics, and economic history. 

  1. Maria Scott, at-large member of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences (IASS), along with other local organizing committee members, Lolly Bargerstock-Oyler, Michael Frank, Bruce Mac Murray, David Murphy, and Tammy Reedy-Strother, hosted the organization’s 85th annual meeting on campus Oct. 10,  with more than 80 presenters in 20 panel sessions. Additionally, the following served as session chairs: Lolly  Bargerstock-Oyler (Sociology/Psychology of Religion), Bruce MacMurray (Criminal Justice History/Prisoner  Reentry and History, Art, and Religion), Lisa Pay (Sociology of Health and Crime and Victimization), Joel Shrock (War and Culture), Tammy L. Reedy-Strother (Gender Issues). 

Michael Wiese received the National Teaching Award at the 2014 Christian Business Faculty Association Annual  Conference held Oct. 9-11 in Nashville, Tenn. Approaching 800 members, the CBFA consists of universities from  over 100 institutions, both faith-based and secular, private and public. Along with a solid wood engraving, this  major award was supplemented with a significant monetary prize. 

Donna Albrecht was invited to present her research at the 10th annual Critical Questions in Education  Conference, a national, blind, peer-reviewed education conference, hosted by The Academy for Educational Studies  Oct. 14, 2014. Presentation title: “Meeting the needs of English Learners: The case for policy changes and training  programs for leadership development.” 

Lee Van Groningen published an article, “Method of lines transpose: An implicit solution to the wave equation,” with co-authors Matthew Causley, Andrew Christlieb, and Benjamin Ong in the Journal of Mathematics of  Computation of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 83, No. 290 (2014). 

Cara Miller and Peter Elliot attended and also presented at the Indiana College English Association (ICEA)  Conference on Oct. 24. Miller’s presentation was titled “Inside the Mind of Today’s College Student: Student  Engagement at the College Level.” Elliot’s presentation was titled “Writing From a Different Perspective: Views  of the Writing Abilities of Students With Learning Disabilities.” 

November 2014 

The Department of English hosted the Indiana Faith and Writing Conference (IFWC) on campus Oct. 31-Nov. 1.  Deborah Fox presented “Writing Memoir,” Elizabeth Imafuji presented “Introduction to Social Media,” Cara  Miller presented “Writing Characters,” and Liz Ranfeld presented “Writing Graphic Novels.” 

Rebecca Fuller Beeler attended the 16th Annual ILA Global Conference held Oct. 30-Nov. 2 in San Diego,  California, and participated in a panel titled, “Mindful Global Leadership in Knowledge Transfer, Communication,  and Complex Systems.” 

Kevin Radaker offered his dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis at two central Indiana places of worship: Christ  United Methodist Church (Lafayette) on Nov. 2, and Pilgrim Lutheran Church (Carmel) on Nov. 9. 

Fred Miller utilized his sabbatical time to study for the National Strength & Conditioning Association – Certified  Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCS-CSCS) 4-hour certification exam. On Nov. 10, Fred was notified of his  passing score, and he is now a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Donna Albrecht was a Spotlight Presenter at the INTESOL (Indiana Teachers of English to Speakers of Other  Languages) conference Nov. 15 for the second time. She presented the implications of her research including  suggestions for policy changes at the State level, and professional development and training programs for Indiana’s  ESL/ENL directors in school corporations. This proposed direction for leadership development is being embraced  by the Indiana Department of Education based on this research. 

John Millis published two papers: “Constrains on Very High Energy Emission from GRB 130427A,” E. Aliu, et. al.,  The Astrophysical Journal Letters (Nov. 2014); and “VERITAS Observations of the BL Lac Object PG 1553+113,”  E. Aliu, et. al., The Astrophysical Journal (Nov. 2014). On November 10, Dr. Millis gave a public lecture at AU  called “The Impossible Universe” which was well attended; additional lectures from the science and engineering  faculty are planned. Finally, on Nov. 20 at the Indiana State Museum following a showing of INTERSTELLAR in  the IMAX theater, Dr. Millis will be speaking and answering questions regarding the science in the film. 

Terry Truitt was featured as a panelist at the Rotary Club’s Annual Business Outlook Luncheon held at the  Anderson Country Club on Nov. 18. The moderated panel addressed how the changing economic environment  will affect business and public policy decisions in the coming year – globally, nationally, statewide, and locally. 

The Music Business Program reports that 17 AU students received the 2015 President’s Innovation Award from  NAMM (The International Music Products Assn.). This award helps cover expenses to attend NAMM’s January  show in Anaheim, Calif. Winners are honored at the show, have an opportunity to participate in Generation Next  programs, are provided countless networking opportunities with music industry leaders, and explore the latest  music products. Applicants must document their music business experience and maintain a minimum overall GPA  of 3.0. This year NAMM selected 73 music business students from colleges across the U.S., and AU students made  up 23% of the total awards! 

Emmett Dulaney has authored a manuscript titled, Faith Integration in the Classroom: A Plural View,which  has been accepted for publication in the blind peer reviewed Christian Business Academy Review (CBAR),  scheduled for May 2015. 

Lynn Schmidt successfully defended her doctoral dissertation earning a Ph.D. in Nursing Science from Indiana  University School of Nursing. Dissertation topic: the Impact of Intercultural (Domestic or International) Service  Learning Experience on Anderson University Baccalaureate in Nursing Science (BSN) Students’ Perceived  Transcultural Self-Efficacy. 

December 2014 

Blake Janutolo and Jason Parks are faculty sponsors for the AU chapter of the Alpha Chi National College  Honor Scholarship Society, which was recently named a Star Chapter for outstanding scholarship and service  during the 2013-14 academic year. Star Chapters will be recognized at Alpha Chi’s national convention in Chicago  in March 2015. Fewer than 14 percent of chapters across the nation receive this honor. 

January 2015 

C-SPAN visited campus Nov. 11, 2014, to film a lecture by Brian Dirck in his Slavery in America class. The lecture  aired on C-SPAN January 10. 

Jennifer Coy served as a panel speaker on Teaching Careers at the 2015 American Physical Society Conference  for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Purdue University held January 17. 

The Council of Independent Colleges and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History has selected Brian  Dirck to participate in a seminar on Slave Narratives to be held at Yale University June 21-25, 2015. It was noted  that “The degree of competition for participation was intense—more than three times as many nominations were  received as there are places—and [Dirck is] one of only 27 faculty members selected.”

February 2015 

Dianna Stankiewicz was invited to present at the Indiana Association for Developmental Education conference,  February 12-13, 2015 in Indianapolis. The title of the conference is “Bridging Change: The Movements in  Developmental Education.” Dianna’s presentation is entitled “Growing Academically Intelligent Not Just Physically  Talented Athletes.” 

Dulce Maria Scott signed a book contract (co-edited with Irene Blayer) with Peter Lang International Academic  Publishers (New York, Bern, Oxford, Berlin, etc.). The book, Intersecting Diaspora Boundaries: Portuguese  Contexts, is expected to be published in 2015. Maria also published Volumes 3.1 and 3.2 of Interdisciplinary  Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies. 

Dulce Maria Scott has been appointed Executive Co-editor (with Irene Blayer, Brock University) of a book series  titled, Interdisciplinary Studies in Diaspora, by Peter Lang – International Academic Publishers. The series will  publish two books per year. “The volumes in the series explore theoretical, cultural, literary, linguistic, identity forming, historical, and social, economic, and political trends and patterns within and across transnational and  diaspora communities as well as in their tripartite relationships/interactions with homelands and host lands. The  series welcomes original submissions from individually and collaboratively authored books and monographs as well  as edited collections of essays. All proposals and manuscripts will be peer reviewed.” 

A research poster by Shelda Borders was presented at the Association of Psychologists in Academic Health  Centers 7th National Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, entitled, “Factors Influencing Cancer Patient Quality of  Life and Satisfaction with Medical Care.” 

Two research posters by Jeffrey Trotter were presented at the 2015 Convention of the National Association of  School Psychologists (NASP) held in Orlando, Florida, entitled, “Identification and intervention practices of school  psychologists: Emotional disturbances,” and “School psychologists’ understanding of pediatric bipolar disorder.” 

Daniel Allen had an article accepted in the Christian Scholar’s Review, Summer 2015 special issue on the 70th  anniversary of the nuclear age, entitled, “The Only Way to Win: The Enduring Problem of Nuclear Deterrence.” In  addition, Daniel had book review of Understanding World Christianity: The Vision and Work of Andrew F. Walls published in the December 2014 issue of International Journal on World Peace

Fred Miller recently served as a reviewer for a new exercise science textbook, Exercise Physiology, which has been  published by the F.A. Davis Company. 

Doyle Lucas co-authored an article with David Hagenbuch and Steven Little entitled “Beyond Association: How  Employees Want to Participate in Their Firm’s Corporate Social Performance” which was published in Business and  Society Review by Wiley Periodicals. Dr. Hagenbuch and Dr. Little are both graduates of the Anderson University  DBA program. 

John Millis published three papers and also gave an invited colloquium on February 26, 2015 at Ball State  University titled “the Extreme Universe: Hunting Pulsars with VERITAS.” 

Aliu, E., et. al. “Investigating Broadband Variability of the TeV Blazar 1ES 1959+650” The Astrophysical  Journal. December, 2014. 

Aleksic, J. etl. al. “Unprecedented study of the broadband emission of Mrk 421 during flaring activity in  March 2010” Astronomy and Astrophysics. December, 2014. 

Aliu, E., et. al. “A search for Pulsations from Geminga about 100 GeV with VERITAS” The Astrophysical  Journal. February, 2015. 

David Murphy delivered the keynote address to the 35th annual conference of the Indiana Association of  Historians on February 28 at IUPUI. The address was entitled “Rights, Riots, Reaction, but Not in That Order:  Reflections on the Massacre at Fall Creek.”

March 2015 

Greg Kaufinger‘s manuscript entitled “Financial strength as an indicator of gift card breakage recognition” was  accepted for publication in the Journal of Finance and Accountancy, Vol. 18. The journal is blind peer reviewed  with an initial acceptance rate of less than 30 percent. 

Elizabeth Imafuji presented the research poster “Student Interest in First-Year Composition: Reaping  Interconnected Rewards” at the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication held in Tampa,  Florida, March 18-21. 

Blake Janutolo was one of five individuals to be named an Academy Fellow by the Indiana Academy of Science  at their annual meeting March 21. This is the Academy’s highest honor and recognizes an established member  who has demonstrated service to the Academy and to the advancement of science in Indiana; service to education  in science; and achievements in scientific research. 

Peter Elliott presented research entitled “Writing from a different perspective: Views of the writing abilities of  students with learning disabilities” at the College English Association conference in Indianapolis on March 27. 

Scott Kennedy and his colleagues at Coeus were granted US Patent number US 8968771 B2 related to articles  and methods for applying antimicrobial protection. 

April 2015 

Two AU students presented at the Butler Research Conference April 10 as a result of the Bebee Research Fund.  Jerry Fox sponsored Alyssa Kulhanek, who presented “Repercussions of the Eurozone on European Economies  and Identities.” Michael Bruce sponsored Natalia Concepción, who presented “Needing a Crystal Ball: Where  Will Your Institution Be In 50 Years?” Students and professors were awarded $500 grants. 

Daniel Ippolito will present the following lecture to the C.S. Lewis Society of Central Indiana on April 24:  Science or Scientism? C.S. Lewis, “The Abolition of Man,” and the Nature of Truth. 

Scott Borders served as treasurer and director of registration that brought 500 scholars to Indianapolis for the  46th Annual conference of the College English Association held March 26-28, 2015. The theme of the conference  was “Imaginations.” 

“Is it ethical for the US government to offer financial awards to potential whistleblowers of financial statement  fraud and internal control violations?” Jamie Seitz (University of Southern Indiana), Jill Oeding (University of  Southern Indiana), Michael Wiese (Anderson University). Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research,  Spring 2015, Volume 10, Issue 2. Jamie is a DBA student at Anderson University. 

Donna Albrecht was published in the April eNewsletter of the Indiana Association of Public School  Superintendents. Her article was titled, “English Learners Matter: What Superintendents Need to Know.” Donna will be writing a regular post for IAPSS, providing helpful tips on cultural competency and working with  the culturally and linguistically diverse population. 

Greg Kaufinger presented two papers at The International Academy of Business and Public Administration  Disciplines Spring Conference held April 23-26 in Dallas, Texas. His paper titled “Earnings Management with  Gift Card Breakage” won the IABPAD Research Award. 

May 2015 

Doug Seelbach and Fred Miller facilitated the first-ever physical fitness assessment for 50 incumbent deputies  of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Scott Mellinger expressed a deep appreciation to the two and  also to the university for the collaboration, indicating he was “pleased with the results and the potential future for  our wellness” and hopes “to do even more in the future to become the healthiest police agency we can be!” 

Anderson University received a $15,000 grant from the Indiana Space Grant Consortium. The grant was authored  by Sam Blanchard, who will lead a team of faculty/staff to work with two AU undergraduates one AU graduate  student, and four Community College students in a two-week intensive experience in August 2015. The students  will participate in a research project and an operational support project in the field of Computer Science. Strong  mentoring relationships between the student groups will be promoted as well as faculty/staff mentoring  relationships with students. 

Lee Griffith received the 2015 Golden Compass Award for outstanding contribution to the Liberal Arts Seminar.  The committee noted that Dr. Griffith excels in creating teaching activities that develop critical thinking skills. He  was described by students as “caring and intentional.” A faculty member called Dr. Griffith “a master teacher” who  “brings enormous enthusiasm and creativity” and who “develops assignments that capture the goals of the course  but also touch students in ways that are very relevant to their interests.”  

Lynn Schmidt received the 2015 Mosaic Award for her commitment to intercultural competency, which  embraces the ideal of modeling and promoting a work-learning environment in which all feel welcomed and  affirmed. Schmidt’s focus since she began her PhD has been on preparing nursing students to care for diverse  populations and identifying the most efficient ways to do so. She is considered an advocate and change agent  for marginalized communities and has spoken at national conferences regarding incorporating intercultural  experiences within the nursing curriculum, as well as improved healthcare for minority populations. 

Michael Frank received the 2015 John A. Morrison Recognition Award for faculty. Dr. Morrison believed  that “Life is saved only by dedication to something larger than itself,” and that “The purpose of life is to spend it  for something that will outlast it.” Dr. Frank’s work as professor, advisor and mentor, along with his valuable  experience, engagement, and passion for service to his students, his field, the community, and even globally, have impacted countless people during his 14 years at Anderson University and will continue to do so. 

Anna Stumpf was a presenter at the 6th International Symposium on Service-Learning held at the University  of Indianapolis May 28-30. Anna’s presentation was entitled, “Strengthening Interdisciplinary International  Service-Learning: Foundations for Sustainable Practices.”