5th Street Panorama of campus

All motor vehicle and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours every day. Please visit campus Police/Security Services in our office in the basement of Hardacre Hall if you have any questions.

Visitor Parking

A visitor is a campus guest who is not a current Anderson University student or faculty/staff member. Visitors may park in spots marked for visitors or may request a free temporary parking hang tag. 

Visitor Parking Signs

Guests visiting campus may park in spots designated by visitor parking signs. Students, faculty, and staff are not visitors and will be ticketed for parking in designated visitor spots.

Temporary Parking Hang Tag

Visitors planning to park on campus for more than one day are encouraged to obtain a free temporary parking hang tag. To request a hang tag, please stop by Police/Security Services in the basement of Hardacre Hall. Be sure to bring your license plate number as well as the vehicle make, model, and year.

Tickets for Unregistered Vehicles

The first time an unregistered vehicle is seen on campus, the vehicle will be issued a notice. The second time it is seen, it is issued a ticket.

Guests who receive a ticket for not having a permit on file should contact Police/Security Services at Please share your name, reason for your one time visit to campus, and ticket number.

Other Tickets

Tickets given to visitors for other violations such as parking in handicap, no parking, or time zone violations, can be paid at or in person at Police/Security Services.

Registration Fees

Student Permits

  • First vehicle: $65/year
  • Graduate students: $45/year
  • Second vehicle: $25/year
  • Two-week temporary: $10 (one-time only)
  • Motorcycle: No Charge
  • Bicycle: No Charge

Parking permits are not transferable. Anyone using a borrowed or stolen parking permit will be issued a fine of $50 and may be charged for theft of the permit.

Bicycle Permits

Bicycles that will be parked on campus should be registered. Bicycle permits are free and may be picked up in person in Police/Security Services. Bicycles must be properly parked in bicycle racks. Bicycles locked on railings or trees, parked in hallways or areas that block walking traffic, or located in a spot where they may become an obstacle for emergency evacuation or physical plant workers, will be removed.

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycles and motor scooters must be registered but are not required to display a permit. Motorcycle permits are free and may be picked up in person in Police/Security Services. Motorcycle parking follows the same guidelines as other vehicles. Any motorized vehicle (including scooters) must be parked in a parking space unless it is parked at a bicycle rack that is located in a parking lot. Motorcycles parked on sidewalks may be towed.

Faculty/Staff Permits

There is no charge for faculty/staff parking permits. Please submit your registration information at The parking permit will be sent via campus mail.

Faculty/Staff Permits cannot be used for family members who are Anderson University students. A student who is a child or spouse of faculty/staff who drives to campus or keeps a car on campus must register and pay for a student registration.

Parking Restrictions

All restricted parking spaces such as timed zones, handicap, visitor, maintenance, and resident director spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round unless otherwise posted.

Streets Adjacent to Campus

Students and employees parking on city streets adjacent to campus must display a current campus parking permit or residential sticker. These streets are marked in red on the campus map. Violators will be ticketed. Understand a curb does not have to be painted a color or signage present to signify a restricted parking area. If parking stripes are not present, the area is NOT a parking area. Vehicles in violation will be cited.


Violations & Enforcement

Vehicles parking on campus property must be properly licensed, insured, able to be driven, and registered with the university.

  • Unregistered vehicles belonging to employees or students will be ticketed.
  • The person to whom the parking permit is registered is responsible for payment of the violation.
  • Parking permits do not guarantee parking availability. The absence of parking spaces does not justify violating parking regulations.
  • The university assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked on university property.

Enforcement Policies

Parking is only permitted in marked locations. Vehicles parked inappropriately will be ticketed and may be subject to towing at owner’s expense. This includes parking the wrong way on a street, in yellow spaces, on grass, on sidewalks, in front of dumpsters, at any loading dock, building entrance, crosswalk, or fire hydrant.

Parking Fines

  • Tickets 1-5 $25
  • Tickets 6-10 $35
  • Tickets 11-15+ $45
  • Tickets 15+ $55

Anyone receiving five or more parking tickets per year is considered a habitual offender.  Warnings are valid tickets. After the 5th, 10th, and 15th ticket, you will be notified of a ticket fine increase.

Expired License Plates

If registration has been renewed but the license plate sticker has not been received by the date of expiration, bring proof of purchase to Police/Security Services, and a notice will be issued to be placed on your dashboard to avoid unnecessary tickets.

Disabled Vehicle

A vehicle that breaks down and can’t be moved is not excused from parking regulations. Please notify Police/Security Services of the disabled vehicle and when the vehicle is expected to be moved. When damaged or unlicensed vehicles are identified, a three-day notice of towing will be placed on the vehicle and the vehicle will be removed if not brought into compliance.

Boot Placement and Removal

Unregistered vehicles that receive five tickets will have a boot placed on their vehicle. The cost to remove the boot is $30 plus the cost of the ticket violations. An additional $10 fee may be assessed for each day the boot remains on an unregistered vehicle.

Speed Limit Radar Enforcement

Anderson University Police/Security Services and the City of Anderson Police Department provide traffic enforcement on streets throughout campus. Students violating the 25 mph speed limit or other moving violations may be required to appear in city court.


Appeals Procedure

Appeals are reviewed by a committee of students, faculty, and staff. You must show substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed or that it occurred due to circumstances beyond your control.

Appeals will be denied for reasons such as:

  • not knowing parking rules
  • students or faculty/staff parking in visitor parking spaces
  • not seeing signs
  • short term parking
  • being late for class or work

A parking citation may be appealed at You must have a current parking permit to file an appeal.

Failure to take action on a ticket within 5 business days shows acceptance of responsibility. If the fine is not paid within 5 business days, it will be charged to the permit holder’s account.


Guests who receive a ticket for not having a permit on file should contact Police/Security Services at Please share your name, reason for your one time visit to campus, and ticket number.

Tickets given to visitors for other violations such as parking in handicap, no parking, or time zone violations, can be paid at or in person at Police/Security Services.

Vehicle Information & Services

Crosswalks/Pedestrian Crossing

Vehicles are required to stop when pedestrians enter a marked area. Students are urged to practice caution when crossing a street at any time.


Due to safety concerns, U-turns are not allowed on University Boulevard, College Drive, Nursery Road, Fifth Street, or Graceland Avenue.

Vehicle Break-Ins

To help prevent break-ins and other property damage, please do not leave valuables where they can be seen in your vehicle. Report individuals behaving suspiciously on university property. Call 3333 from a campus telephone.

Jump-Starting and Unlocking Vehicles

Police/Security Services will open locked car doors and will jump start vehicles on campus for students, faculty, and staff with a parking permit. Individuals requesting services are required to sign a waiver releasing Police/Security Services from any damage which may occur while providing assistance. Officers have varying levels of experience unlocking car doors and may be unable to open a door.

Dropping Off

When a student is brought to campus, the driver should enter a parking lot to drop off, then exit the lot legally. There is no stopping on 5th Street for this purpose.

Safe Havens

A safe haven is a secure location at the entrance of a locked building that permits students to enter and lock the door behind them. Inside the safe haven is a telephone and emergency numbers the student can call for assistance.


When a student feels threatened or is concerned about his/her safety, a campus police or security officer will provide an escort from a campus parking lot to a student’s residence hall or from a residence hall to another campus location. Call (765) 641-3333 and remain in your car with your headlights on.