Dr. Stephanie Moran

Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships

Stephanie is an Anderson resident and an AU alum. She completed a BA with majors in sociology and government, as well as an MBA from AU. She received an MA in adult and community education and executive development of public service, as well as an EdD in Adult, Higher and Community Education from Ball State University. Stephanie is passionate about increasing individual and organizational capacity and effectiveness through education. She has served at AU in the area of engagement and partnership for 15 years.

Stephanie has developed a network of education, business, and community partners that actively partner with faculty, staff, and students to identify and create career and educational pathways for all levels and categories of students. She has implemented university strategies that not only strive to benefit adult students and assist them in achieving academic and personal success, but to also increase success and retention for all students.

Contact Stephanie:
(765) 641-3714