Dr. Matthew S. Preston

Chair, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Preston joined the Anderson University faculty in 2021 as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science. Prior to returning to AU, Preston worked as a programmer for a consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts that specializes in public policy analysis and natural resource management. During his time with the firm, Preston helped develop software used by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and also contributed to projects on water use and infrastructure in Moldova, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and the United States. During his time in Massachusetts, he also worked as a data analyst for the Joint Program of the Science and Policy of Global Change at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Preston graduated from AU with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Computer Science-Math and Bible & Religion, and earned a Master of Theological Studies from the AU School of Theology. He earned a Ph.D. from the Boston University School of Theology where he studied the history of American Christianity. He is currently revising his dissertation on the Church of God leader, C.E. Brown, for publication and working on a data visualization project using Church of God yearbook data. He is pursuing a Master’s in Data Science from the University of Texas-Austin.

Dr. Preston enjoys spending time with his wife, Mikala, and their two daughters, Sophia and Eliza, as well as reading and watching college basketball.

B.A., Anderson University

M.T.S., Anderson University School of Theology

Ph.D., Boston University School of Theology

M.S., University of Texas-Austin (in progress)