Dr. Benjamin McPheron

Dr. Benjamin McPheron

Chair, Physical Sciences & Engineering; Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Hartung Hall 307A

Prior to arriving at Anderson University, Dr. McPheron spent four years as an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Dr. McPheron received his BSEE in Electrical Engineering at Ohio Northern University in 2010, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park in 2014.

Dr. McPheron has experience teaching a variety of engineering courses, including a majority of the courses required for Electrical Engineering majors. At AU he will teach courses in freshman engineering, circuit theory, electronics, control systems, power systems, and mechatronics.  Dr. McPheron’s research interests include applications of control systems, robotics, and engineering education.  He is a member of IEEE, ASME, and ASEE.

He is married to his amazing wife Mallory, and the couple has a daughter: Madeline. He is active serving on the worship team and as a life group leader at Northview Church, Anderson Campus. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, running, disc golf, board games, and making YouTube videos for engineering education.

Dr. McPheron has served at Anderson University since 2018.  Dr. McPheron grew up in the Midwest and is excited to return after a long time away to help the engineering program grow at AU.

Selected Publications

B.D. McPheron, C.R. Thomas, W.J. Palm IV. “Time for Reflection: Development of Twenty Short Videos to Introduce New Topics and Engage Students in Circuit Theory.” Proceedings of the 2018 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition, June 24-27, 2018.

E.T. Daniels, B.D. McPheron. “A Machine Learning Approach to Classifying Algae Concentrations.” 2017 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference, November 3-5, 2017.

B.D. McPheron, M.Z. McPheron, C.R. Thomas. “Does Performance-Based Assessment in an Introductory Circuits Laboratory Improve Student Learning?” Proceedings of the 2017 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition, June 25-28, 2017.

B.D. McPheron, Charles V. Thangaraj, Charles R. Thomas. “A Mixed Learning Approach to Integrating Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Exercises into a Non-Lab Junior Year DSP Course.” Advances in Engineering Education, Spring 2017, Vol. 6, Issue 1.

A.J. Bradley, W.C. Caruso, Y. Zheng, C.V. Thangaraj, B.D. McPheron. “Development of Low Cost Device for In-Situ Algae Monitoring.” 2016 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference, November 4-6, 2016.

B.D. McPheron, J.D. Legris, C.P. Flynn, A.J. Bradley, E.T. Daniels. “Development of a Low-Cost Two- Degree of Freedom Spring-Cart System and System Identification Exercises for Dynamic Modeling.” Proceedings of the 2016 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition, June 26-29, 2016.

B.D. McPheron, S.M. Gratiano, W.J. Palm IV. “Does Choice of Programming Language Affect Student Understanding of Programming Concepts in a First Year Engineering Course?” 2015 First Year Engineering Experience Conference, August 2-4, 2015.

Contact Dr. McPheron:
BSEE in Electrical Engineering, Ohio Northern University
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University