Andy Watkins

Director of Adult and Online Learning

Adult Learning and Success

Rev. Andy Watkins is the Adult and Online Learning Director at Anderson University. Andy completed his undergraduate degree at the College of Biblical Studies, graduating summa cum laude as an adult student. He holds a Master of Divinity and is working on a Master of Business Administration at Anderson University.

Rev. Andy’s interests are building educational frameworks for whole-person transformation that elevate and reshape individual and collective aspirations. He is a developer at heart and hopes to help people grow personally and professionally while seeking to develop and coordinate programs and policies to support adult and online students. He has successfully coached many individuals through degree completion and plays a vital role in course registration and personalized college and career mapping for adult and online students. Additionally, Rev. Andy Watkins was awarded the 2022-2023 Faculty of the Year award for consistently cultivating high levels of student satisfaction while preserving academic humility, rigor, and honesty through online learning environments at City Vision University.

Rev. Andy Watkins, M.Div.
(765) 641-3820