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Our tours are designed for the whole family with scavenger hunts, guided tours, and hands-on activities. There are many different themes to explore so come back each month for a fresh theme-based museum experience.



Led by knowledgeable museum guides, each interactive tour focuses on a specific theme within the collection. For more than 10 people, please schedule a group tour for two weeks in advance. All Jeeninga Museum tours are free admission and last approximately one hour. See the themes below and register for your experience today.


Discover the collection in new ways by concentrating on drawing a museum artifact for 30-45min. Sketching materials are provided, and the activity is led by a knowledgeable docent. Free admission, best for ages 6 and up.


This tour will explore cylinder seals from Mesopotamia and Scarab seals from Egypt. At only one inch, these miniature sculptures are among the smallest ever produced. Ancient seals were carved into stone with great detail using simple tools. The engraved image and text are carved in reverse, when rolled or pressed into clay, the design faced the correct direction. Seal impressions served as the owner’s identifying mark, somewhat like the modern signature.

Participants will learn about the historic significance of seals from the collection. Then they will make impressions of replica seals by rolling them over a clay slab, creating souvenirs to take home and enjoy!

The recommended age is four years and older. The maximum number of students is twenty-five and a chaperone-to-student ratio of 10 students per chaperone is appreciated.


To reserve a specific tour please register three weeks in advance.

  • Egypt of the Pharaohs
  • Currency and Trade
  • Burial Practices
  • Daily Life in the Ancient Near East
  • Material Advancements/Tech Developments
  • Ancient gods of the Levant
  • Cultural Exchange in the Ancient Near East

Museum directors develop special tours to complement the specific needs of the participants, working alongside group leaders to design multi-visit tours. These include guided discussions and hands-on art experiences. If you would like to tailor a tour to meet the needs of your constituents, please call to speak with a director.


Explore art, culture, and history through direct experience to see how learning can be fun!


(discontinued until further notice due to covid)
To promote an active visit for both kids and their families, visitors may check out a learning kit that kids can utilize during the visit.
· Tote bags contain hands on activities and critical thinking tools.
· Families can check them out (one kit per family) from the docent to use during their visit.
· Kits are based around many different themes and all differ slightly.
· Kits cannot leave the building, please return at the end of your visit.

Visit the WIlson Gallery

At this time, we do not offer any guided tours. To visit the gallery, please fill out the form below.


Visit the Warner sallman collection

At this time, we do not offer any guided tours. To visit the gallery, please fill out the form below.


To visit any of the galleries, please fill out the form below. All galleries are by appointment only. We are excited to share with you some of the amazing opportunities that we have available. During this time, we are coming up with new experiences and tours that will help showcase all that Anderson University has to offer.



Please park in the visitors parking outside the Krannert Fine Arts Center. Enter through the doors to the York Performance Hall Through the brick underpass.

Entrances & Elevator

York Performance Hall has accessible power-assist doors.
The Jeeninga museum is on the main floor of the York Performance Hall. The Warner Sallman gallery is on the second floor of York Performance Hall. There is an elevator located in the entrance hall on the south side of the building through the underpass.


The Museum can provide a manual wheelchair free of charge. Please reserve a week in advance.

Service Dogs

We follow the Federal and State Government’s guidelines on service animals and welcome dogs that are trained to perform a task or work for a person with a disability.


The museum can provide large print guides upon request as well as tactile educational materials. Arrangements for all tours including date and time must be made two weeks in advance.