Gallery Events

Wilson Gallery

Oct.18-Nov. 15
Wilson Galleries, Krannert Fine Arts Center
Opening Event Oct 18 6-8pm,
7pm, Speaker Tanner Woodford, founder and executive director of the Design Museum of Chicago

From 1950-1975, Chicago -based Container Corporation of America ran a campaign heralded as one of the best in advertising history, Great ideas of Western Man.  The Design Museum of Chicago was encouraged by John Massey, former Container Corporation of America head of design, to reimagine the Great Ideas of Western Man campaign. Our reprise, Great Ideas of Humanity, embraces the increasing globalization of our world and celebrates the resulting cross-pollination of ideas, philosophies, societies, and cultures.

Like the original series, a committee meets, creates a list of “great ideas” from a variety of thinkers, and commissions an artist or designer to create a visual response. Also like the original series, the contemporary work does not advertise a product, but an ethos—of the museum, of the community, of Chicago in general—to make the world a better place via thoughtful design.

Great Ideas Poster

Gaither Gallery

Closed for installation until August 2019.

Scheierman Gallery

Warner Sallman Permanent Collection
Open Tuesday and Friday, 1-4 p.m.
Closed during university holidays.


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