AU Press

AU Press was founded formally in 2000 as a subsidiary of Anderson University and an affiliate of the Church of God. While valuing our connection with the Church of God movement and the Great Commission to share the good news of the Gospel, we have expanded our scope to include scholarly manuscripts in a variety of other disciplines as well.

Our mission is to publish materials that contribute meaningfully to the wealth of human knowledge and inspire deeper connections between the university functions of teaching, research, and service. To that end, we seek scholarly manuscripts that address a significant gap in existing research and demonstrate sound methodology that is ethical, meticulous, and grounded in best practices. We prioritize work with an explicit focus on themes relevant to religion and issues of faith; however, we welcome scholarly manuscripts from all disciplines. In order to broaden our audience base and provide scholarship that is accessible, manuscripts will be published online as an open educational resource.

Updated January 2022

Our latest publication is now available: A New Institutional Saga for Anderson University. A collection of six different essays written by faculty and alumni from Anderson University, this book presents a “reframing” of the university’s history and the lives that this institution has touched. Offered as a resource specifically for first-year students at Anderson University, the text seeks to broaden the narrative of AU’s history through differing perspectives and focal points that both contextualize and enrich the university’s legacy.

Strege C
A New Institutional Saga for Anderson University, Anderson Indiana

The Editor and the Editorial Committee of Anderson University Press are named by the President of the University for stated terms of office and specified responsibilities. The Editor reports to the President through the Provost, AU Press liaison to the President. The Editor is Dr. Cara Miller.

Manuscript Proposals

AU Press welcomes proposals for scholarly manuscripts that align with the goals stated above. Proposed works might include, but are not limited to, monographs, edited collections, biographies, and textbooks. Please review the submission guidelines provided below and email your completed proposal to Dr. Cara Miller, editor, at

Submission Guidellines

Manuscript proposals should include:

  • Author information, including first and last name, email address, and phone number
  • Academic affiliation of the author
  • A current CV
  • Proposed title of the book
  • A brief description (500 words or less) of the project, including key research questions, themes, methods, and goals, along with the unique contribution of the project to its relevant field
  • Table of contents with a brief abstract for each chapter
  • Two sample chapters, including the introductory chapter
  • A brief market analysis that identifies your book’s target audience(s) and potential marketing outlets
  • A list of competing works
  • A completion date for the manuscript
  • An anticipated word count
  • A list of 5-7 potential reviewers

Please note that the AU Press does not accept simultaneous submissions. Manuscript proposals and texts submitted for review must be work that has not been previously published nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.

The Publication Process

We are committed to providing authors with communication that is timely, informative, and respectful. Manuscript proposals will go through the following review process:

  • The Editorial Committee will review the proposal and either request the full manuscript or pass on the project.
  • Once the full manuscript is submitted, it will be sent to two or three scholars in the field to review and make recommendations. Reviewers can reject a submission if they don’t support publication, request a revised manuscript that addresses significant weaknesses, or support publication of the manuscript as is.
  • The author must acquire (and pay for) necessary permissions needed to publish illustrations and other copyrighted materials that are present in the manuscript. A permission form will be provided by AU Press and must be submitted separately for each copyrighted item before moving forward with publication.
  • The author should review the Checklist to Finalize a Manuscript below and make necessary edits to grammar, punctuation, style, and formatting.
  • The manuscript will be edited by a professional at the expense of the author.
  • If applicable, the manuscript will be submitted to an index service at the expense of the author.
  • The author will be sent a consent form granting AU Press permission to publish the work.
  • The publisher will take care of ISBN acquisition and discovery.
  • AU Press will register the manuscript with the U.S. Copyright Office.
  • The finalized manuscript will be published online as an open educational resource and marketed through university channels.


    Checklist to Finalize a Manuscript

    Before a manuscript is reviewed by a professional copy editor, authors should review their manuscript and make necessary edits. This will reduce copyediting time and expense.

    • Prepare the entire manuscript in Arial 12-point font.
    • Manuscripts should be submitted as a Google document (preferable) or Microsoft Word file.
    • Be consistent with chapter titles, headings, and subheadings. These should be included in a navigation menu along the side of the document.
    • Use only one space after each period.
    • Use italics to emphasize words and phrases and to denote non-English words.
    • For special characters, use the insert >> special characters function in Google Docs or the extended symbol set found in Word.
    • Endnotes should be clearly marked in the text. Number notes consecutively, beginning each new chapter with note 1. Endnotes will be placed at the end of each chapter.
    • Each image, table, or graph should be submitted as a separate file—not within the text file. Pictures, graphs, and illustrations should be at least 300 dpi and submitted as jpeg files. Title each file to indicate the chapter number and image number (for instance: Table 1.1 for chapter 1, table 1), and then place a callout in the manuscript to indicate where the image should go (for instance: <Insert Table 1>).
    • Provide a separate file with the title of each image and any corresponding captions.
    • Accepted citation styles include APA, MLA, and Chicago. Please review the appropriate style guide and make necessary edits to in-text citations and blibliographic entries.
    Contact Us

    The Press may be contacted as follows:

    1100 East Fifth Street
    Anderson, Indiana 46012-3495