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Anderson University’s Piano and Composition Camp is a unique program that allows young pianists to not only develop their piano and musicianship skills but also to learn how to compose their own pieces by learning fundamental skills of music theory and composition. It will also be a great opportunity for them to make new friends from all over the world!

AU Piano and Composition Camp provides comprehensive instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players with no audition required for ages 8 to 19 years (high school seniors). The overall focus of this one-week camp is developing a good technique of piano playing and music writing while improving overall musicianship. This camp also allows students to play and write music from non-classical music genres such as film and popular music.

Faculty members of the camp will teach private and small group lessons to participants. Students will have the pleasure of playing various ensemble repertoires for more than one pianist and hearing their own compositions performed at the camp’s closing recital. At the beginning of the camp, students will be assigned ensemble partners depending on their grade and level of advancement, and faculty will select the appropriate repertoire for them to learn. Campers will also enjoy classes each day to develop skills in ear training, music theory, composition, and notation software.

Piano and Composition Camp is a daytime experience for students ages 8-19. If families would like to attend from out of state or abroad, they may reserve housing on campus. Housing is furnished and includes a kitchen, but food is not included. A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must stay in campus housing with any minors.

The cost for housing is $45 each night per family/apartment, but the linen pack is per person and includes bed linen and towels.

Register for Family Housing


The camp is designed for students ages 8-19.


July 7-11, 2020


This is a day camp, with students arriving at 9 a.m. each day and departing at 4 p.m.



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Contact Us

If you have questions about programming, contact Caroline Ahn.

For questions about registration, room, or board, contact Jill Goodwin.


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