Understanding Charges

Student Accounts

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Types of Charges

Throughout the student’s stay at AU, there will be various charges that are applied to your student account. Here is a list of the most common ones and where students should direct their questions regarding them.  

  • Room Charges – these charges will be associated with the student’s residence hall at AU and will need to be discussed with Housing at 765-641-4190 or housing@anderson.edu
  • Meal Plan Charges – these charges will be associated with the student’s meal plan or Raven dollars. For questions regarding this please reach out to AU Food Services at 765-641-4266 or aufoodservices@anderson.edu.
  • Class Fees and Lab Fees – these fees are associated with the student’s classes and will vary depending on the class they take. These fees are dictated by the professor, so students will need to speak to their professor about the charges if they have any questions. 
  • Book Charges – These are purchases from the AU bookstore. If there are questions students will need to reach out to the bookstore at 765-641-4149 or at bookstore@anderson.edu
  • Student Activities Fee – This is a fee that every student receives and helps pay for various activities that Campus Activity Board (CAB) and the University put on each month for the students.
  • Student Services Fee – This is a fee that every student receives and helps pay for the various amenities at AU that are available to the students and the upkeep for the Kardatzke Wellness Center. 
  • Parking fees – There are different parking fees that a student may incur i.e. parking pass, parking tickets. Students will need to reach out to Security regarding any questions at 765-641-4094 or at ausecurity@anderson.edu.
  • Fines – There could be various fines that a student receives (Chapel, Residential, Key Fines, etc.). If you have any questions,  please reach out to Student Life at 765-641-4194.

If there is a fee that is not covered on this list please feel free to reach out to the student accounts team at 765-641-4001 or studentaccounts@anderson.edu. They will be able to help direct any students to where they need to go.