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A major in general studies at Anderson University provides students an education of professional development through a breadth of knowledge across the disciplines, as well as a depth of study within specific areas of personal interest. 

General studies is a good option for students looking to receive a broad liberal arts degree while considering multiple areas of study through elective courses, helping students better identify what they’re passionate about. This open-ended option benefits students as they fulfill general education credits, develop versatile skill sets, and prepare for a variety of career options instead of following a narrowed curriculum.


Program Overview

General Studies

Anderson University offers both a professional development major leading to a bachelor of arts degree, and a major in general studies leading to an associate of science degree. Students interested in pursuing the professional development major must have a plan of study approved by the program director before admission to the major is granted, and must complete all liberal arts core requirements. 

Additionally, students must complete a concentration of courses in one subject area. The subject area may be broadly defined as “courses in common disciplines” (i.e., science, foreign language, business, etc.). Student proposals for the concentration must be submitted to the program director for approval.



Program Options

The general studies experience depends on the concentration selected. Students may have an internship, go on a Tri-S global trip, or participate in community service for part of their experience. The two degree paths available are:

  • Associate of Science in General Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Course Preview

  • LART 4500 
  • 30 hours in concentration area (and 2.0 GPA in concentration area)
  • 40-43 hours of liberal arts core requirements

Contact Director Carrie Clay, General Studies and Professional Development

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Career Pathways

The jobs available for a student with a degree in professional development or general studies depends on the concentration of the degree. Previous students have found careers in various roles, such as marketing directors, brand managers, account directors, and software consultants.


Additional Requirements

  • At least 30 hours from upper-division courses
  • At least 60 hours completed at Anderson University
  • 120 total hours completed (2.0 GPA)


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