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Bible and Religion

School of Theology and Christian Ministry

At Anderson University, students majoring in Bible and religion receive a solid foundation in Scripture by studying biblical passages and sources of Christianity, as well as its theology, its practice, and its relation to life and culture. 

This major is designed to fortify students with a well-rounded and intellectual understanding of Scripture, the Christian faith, and ways to view and understand it. Students will become proficient interpreters as they read with a theological, historical, and linguistic lens. This area of study is a strong choice for students who want to interpret biblical texts, share theological truth, grow in knowledge and understanding, and strengthen their personal witness.


Program Overview

Bible & Religion

Courses in this major are drawn from the areas of theology, Bible, and religion. Students will learn to integrate biblical studies into other disciplines, apply Scripture to contemporary society, and explore what this means for their unique calling. 

The AU Bible and religion degree prepares students for seminary, graduate school, a Ph.D. on a non-seminary track, or to combine ministry within another career field.


Program Options

Bible & religion major

Biblical Studies minor

Religion minor



Among the classes in the 36-hour major are:

  • History of Christianity
  • Christian Ethics
  • Methods in Biblical Exegesis
  • World Religions

View the courses required for the Bible and religion major.


Career Pathways

  • Senior and Associate Pastors
  • Youth Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Missionary


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