Chapel Exemption & Policies FAQ

Required chapel/convocation attendance for students is an Anderson University tradition that has been maintained over the entire history of the university. It is one of the experiences on this campus that sets us apart from secular schools and many private church-related colleges. We maintain this tradition as a sign of our devotion to be a learning, worshiping community, dedicated to the integration of faith and learning.

Earning Chapel Credit

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, students will earn chapel credit by checking in on the official AU student app for Android or iPhone. Users must use their “” RavenMail email address to sign in.

Chapel Exemption Form



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Chapel Policies FAQ

Who must attend Chapel?

All full-time undergraduate students (12 hours or more) must attend chapel.

How many attended chapels are required?

The Chapel-Convocation attendance policy is based on the attending 2/3 of the regularly scheduled Chapel-Convocations each semester. There are no less than 27 regular opportunities and therefore the requirement is 18 credits. If you have a legitimate reason for not being able to earn the required 18 chapel credits, you may consider pursuing a Chapel-Convocation Exemption.

What happens if a student doesn’t make the required number?

A student will be placed on Chapel Probation for a first offense and receive a fine ranging from $75 to $150. For a second consecutive offense, a student will be suspended for up to one semester unless an appeal is pursued and granted.

What happens if a student drops to part-time during the semester?

For any student dropping to part-time while living in a residence hall, the attendance requirement remains 18 credits.  or students commuting or living off-campus the requirement of 18 will be calculated to two-thirds of those chapels the student was eligible to attend prior to dropping to part-time. The date of the change in the registrar’s date will be the basis for recalculating the attendance requirement.

What should a student do who has a legitimate, ongoing reason to miss chapel?

There are two ways to fulfill the chapel attendance requirement, either attend 18 or more chapels or file a chapel exemption form in a timely manner and receive an exemption if appropriate. Common reasons for pursuing a chapel exemption are working 30 or more hours per week, working during the chapel hours, commuting from outside the city limits of Anderson with no classes on Tuesday or Thursday before 1 p.m., or an internship/practicum.

What happens if a student forgets to turn in a Chapel-Convocation Exemption form on time?

Since exemptions are only recognized for future dates and not applied retroactively, you will be required to earn the adjusted chapel credits or you will face Probation or possibly Suspension.

What if a student has a job that affects Chapel?

Students who document and submit the proper paperwork regarding their employment can be exempt based on:

  • Consistently working 30 hours or more per week.
  • Working during the Chapel Hour on either a Tuesday and/or Thursday.

There are no on-campus jobs, aside from Chapel usher, that should hold working hours during the Chapel hour. All offices except for the Welcome Center are closed during this time.

Do commuter students need to attend

Exceptions are made for students who commute from home (living with parents) who:

  • Live outside the city limit, and
  • Have no classes on either Tuesday and/or Thursday before 1 p.m.
What if a student has a practicum or is student teaching during the Chapel hour?

The School of Education will provide the Chapel Attendance office a list of those students who are Student Teaching. Those students who participate in a practicum will need to provide the Chapel Attendance Office a copy of their practicum schedule signed by the co-operating teacher that accompanies the Chapel-Convocation Exemption form.

What happens if a student gets caught trying to “scam” the Chapel Attendance Policy?

Conduct related to chapel attendance is considered by the university judicial code as one of the following:

  • 4.11  Violation of Published Rules
  • 4.22  Misuse of University Documents
  • 4.43  Furnishing False Information
  • 4.44  Contempt
  • 4.46  Other Misconduct

Sanctions will apply to those found in violation.