Making Payments & Payment Types

Payment Information

Tuition, room, and board charges for a semester are due in full prior to the first day of classes. It is important to check your student account on a regular basis, as you may incur AU Campus Store, Raven Dollars, and/or other charges periodically throughout the term. You can access your student account balance any time through AccessAU. Also, if you have a balance, an account statement will be sent to your student email address on a monthly basis.

For your convenience, we offer multiple options for paying on your student account. You can pay by cash, check, electronic check, credit card, or through a monthly payment plan.


We accept many forms of payment:

  • Personal or 529 plan checks. Please include the student’s seven-digit ID# in the memo line of your check and mail to:
  • Anderson University
    Lockbox D
    P.O. Box 11588
    Fort Wayne, IN 46859-1588
  • 529 payments can now be paid via EFT by Flywire. Please check with your 529 plan provider to see if they offer EFT payments by Flywire.
  • Cash: Accepted at the cashier’s window, Located in the bottom of Decker Hall.
  • Credit/debit cards: Accepted in the Business Office. There is 2.85% is added to the charge by Nelnet, which is their credit card processing fee.

Should you ever have a question regarding a charge or a payment on your account, please contact us.

Payments Made Online Through Nelnet

One-time payment

  • Credit card payments incur a processing fee of 2.85%.
  • No processing fees incurred with checking or savings account auto-draft.

Payment plan 

  • Semester specific – must be set up every semester.
  • $60 set up fee every semester.
  • Credit card payments incur a 2.85% processing fee (on every payment).
  • No processing fee with a checking or savings account draft.

Bill Dates & Due Dates

Electronic bills will go out on the 25th of every month and will be due on the 20th of the following month. Two paper bills will be mailed out every year to the student’s home address. 

The first one will be in June in preparation for the fall semester and the second bill will be in November in preparation for the spring semester.

All electronic bills will be emailed to the student’s email.  If a parent/guardian is wishing to receive the emailed bills, the student will need to add them as an authorized party on the student’s Nelnet page.

Late Fees

When a bill is received, the bill must be paid within 30 days or a Nelnet payment plan must be set up. Otherwise, the student will incur late fees or finance charges on their account. The late fees are 2% of the outstanding balance.

Financial Responsibility Form

The financial responsibility form is a requirement and needs to be read and signed by the student. Failure to do so will result in not being able to enroll. This is required before the fall semester starts. This is accessed by students on their Access AU Academics page. From there they will find a tile called “Financial Terms Agreement.” The tile looks like this in Access AU Academics:

Once it is read the student must click on the green button that says “Accept Financial Terms.” After that, feel free to close out or back out as it will not close out automatically.