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Alumni Experiences

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Alumni Experiences

Explore real-world opportunities in Communication & Design Arts through the stories of our alumni.

Cinema and Media Arts Alumni

"It's one-on-one (experience), and it's amazing."

Chris Witt
2003 AU grad
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"There was not a single class that did not have a direct influence on my current success."

Thom Newell
2009 AU grad
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"The hands-on experience I gained made the difference in finding a job."

Vince Azzarello
2008 AU grad
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Journalism Alumni

"I was immersed in courses that dug deeply into what I would experience in the working world."

Jamie Lynn Ferguson
2007 AU grad
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"There were more than 100 applicants for (my job), but I was selected because of everything I brought to the table."

John Millikan
2009 AU grad
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"I strongly believe (my) experience is what landed me a non-entry-level position at Wiley Publishing."

Chris Wolfgang
2006 AU grad
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Public Relations Alumni

"The communications courses were a great combination of theory and strategy with hands-on, practical training."

Anthony Surratt
1989 AU grad
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"You get to know your professors personally in a way you never would at a larger school."

Aaron Vogel
2010 AU grad
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"I was surprised to find myself better-prepared than some of my colleagues who attended big-name and Ivy League schools."

Rachel Rush
2003 AU grad
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