Welcome to ECHOES, the Anderson University Alumni podcast, hosted by Trent Palmer, director of Alumni Relations. Each episode highlights one of our amazing alumni who is making a difference in the church and society. 

Todd Taylor BA ’13

Todd Taylor joins ECHOES to talk about his experience coaching and playing football, what it’s like coaching a fall sport amid a pandemic, and how AU helped pave the way.

Julie-Allyson Ieron BA ’86

Julie-Allyson Ieron ’86 is an author, caregiver, worship leader, and speaker. She credits her Anderson University experience to kickstarting what has been a career in ministry, most notably as an author, having written over 40 books. We talk about her newest book, Don’t Let This Throw You, which speaks to God’s presence and grace in the midst of great crisis.

Pastor Rolland Daniels BA ’79, MDiv ’86

Pastor Rolland Daniels shares about his 40 years of ministry, his love for family and God, his new book Legacy Maker: Live a Life That Matters, and how so many Anderson University Ravens helped shape who he is today.

Chelsa Lee-Samuels BA ’15, MBA ’16

Chelsa Lee-Samuels BA ’15, MBA ’16 shares about how directing the Gospel Choir as a student prepared her to be a professional high school choral director, and how family legacy at AU prepared her for a growing family and to team up with her younger sister in starting a cool new business!

You may have heard of the “meeting before the meeting,” but in this recording, Chelsa and Trent had a podcast before and after the podcast where some shoutouts weren’t included. Apologies to those tagged if Chelsa’s mention did not make the pod, but know she did credit several more Ravens and experiences off-air! Check out Chelsa’s business, Yard Sign Sisters.

Rich BA ’88 & Kelly (Spaulding) Packard BA ’90

Rich BA ’88 and Kelly (Spaulding) BA ’90 Packard share about following God into ministry for married couples who’ve lost a child. The Packards share their own story of loss and how they seek to help others with their Living Hope Mountain Respite retreat experience. They also share stories from their AU experience as student-athletes and how their faith grew as Ravens.

Andy Eck BA ’05

Born to serve and protect, 2005 alumnus Andy Eck is spearheading front-line efforts to keep people safe. Listen as Andy shares about fun memories he had while on campus, how AU sharpened his faith, and how he’s following God into the future. If you were around AU in the early 2000s, you most likely knew and loved this AU legend!

Don Collins BA ’51

1951 alumnus Don Collins, a man who for decades has impacted the Church of God and Anderson University, shares stories about the people and places that transformed his life, and also what God is still teaching him in his 90s!

Scott Fridley BA ’91

AU soccer is synonymous with the legendary 30-year head coach and 1991 alumnus, Scott Fridley. In this episode of ECHOES, Coach Fridley talks about his background in the Church of God, how he started the AU soccer team, his longtime tenure as a coach, nearly 30 years of coordinating Anderson soccer camps on campus, and the brand new soccer stadium. Scott’s love for AU and his wealth of captivating stories makes this a must-listen episode!

Connie (Reardon) Hippensteel BA ’67

Constance “Connie” (Reardon) Hippensteel is a 1967 alumna of Anderson University. Connie served AU as the former director of wellness programming at the Kardatzke Wellness Center (KWC) from 2002 until her retirement in 2015. Connie’s father, President Robert Reardon, was the second president in AU’s history, and Connie shares about her AU roots, attending AU while her father was president, working for the university, and some of her hobbies and passions.

Bobby MA ’10 & Jenny (Dunbar) BA’ 03, MA ’08 Mihsill

Bobby MA ’10 and Jenny BA ’03, MA ’08 Mihsill are Church of God (CHOG) missionaries in Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Africa, with their young family. They also teach at the IBAO (West Africa Bible Institute) and are trainers for Children of Promise. Bobby and Jenny share about their AU experience with us and their work in Africa. Follow them on Facebook.

George Abiad BA ’89

George Abaid BA ’89 grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, and he studied graphic design at AU. Not only is he a graphic designer, George is also a photographer and woodworker and was recently featured in Indiana Artisan for his woodworking. Check out George’s work on YouTube and Facebook.

LaNesha (Bolden) Tabb BA ’06

LaNesha (Bolden) Tabb, an 2006 alumna, is a teacher in the Lawrence Metropolitan School District in Indianapolis. LaNesha shares about teaching students from home, tips for parents of school-aged children, her website “Education with an Apron,” and her AU experience.

Josh Smith BA ’14

Listen in to our very first episode of ECHOES! We speak with Josh Smith, a 2014 grad and physician’s assistant at Community Hospital North. Josh shares his experience in healthcare during the COVID-19 health crisis, as well as his viral worship video.

Amber May BA ’05, MBA ’09

Amber May is a 2005 BA and 2009 MBA alumna currently working as director of diversity and inclusion at Marquette University. With extensive experience in both social work and higher education, including working a stint at AU as RD of Rice Hall, Amber shares what her experience has been like as a person of color living and working in predominantly White communities. As racial tension soars, Amber sheds light on how we all need to be agents of change to make the world a more equitable place.

Kevin Sheward BA ’13, MBA ’14

Kevin Sheward BA ’13, MBA ’14 talks about his AU experience, his journey in politics, his career in healthcare, and his role as our current AU Alumni Council president.

Molly McCracken Huffman BA ’06

Molly McCracken Huffman is a 2006 alumna of Anderson University and is an author and speaker. Molly talks about questions, doubt, trust, faith, joy, sorrow, and uncertainty, all through the lens of enduring incredible loss.

JDonavan “JD” Bembry BA ’20

JD is a recent grad from AU and was a four-year player on the AU men’s basketball team, and a three-time all-academic. JD talks with us about his AU experience as a student-athlete and political science major, and his participation in Gospel Choir and Encore. JD is heading to the IU McKinney School of Law.

Tami Miller BA ’93

In this episode of ECHOES, Tami Miller BA ’93 talks about her 17-year tenure as head coach of AU volleyball, life-transforming moments with Tri-S Global, how her coaching style has evolved over time, and what she loves about AU from a student and staff perspective.

Chris Chavez BA ’15

In our third edition of the ECHOES podcast, we sit down with Chris Chavez BA ’15. Chris is a music artist living in Nashville, TN, and a member of 4th and Main. As mentioned in the podcast, check out the viral It Is Well Nashville musician mashup.

Todd Baden BA ’10

In this episode of ECHOES, we talk with Todd Baden BA ’10. Todd is the director of finance at Valley Creek Church in Dallas, TX. Todd shares about his AU experience and his passion for financial wellness.

Julie (Mathis) Dodson BA ’85

In this episode of ECHOES, we talk with Julie (Mathis) Dodson, a ’85 AU grad who is a mental health counselor. Julie shares about her time at AU and ways we can all benefit from positive mental health practices now during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.