Incident Report

Relationships and communication are powerful and have the power to unite and divide. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to work through these issues with one another effectively and outside assistance or intervention is an important part of bringing understanding and reconciliation.

The MOSAIC committee has developed a process for addressing concerns or incidents that may be diversity related. You will find an Incident/Concern Form for reporting such incidents below. It is available for you to use should you desire involvement by members of the MOSAIC committee in helping to address your concern. The form and the process that follows its submission to are not intended to replace the grievance policies and procedures available to students, faculty, and staff in their respective handbooks. Should you choose to submit this form, please know that your concern will be dealt with in a professional manner in an attempt to bring reconciliation and restoration to the persons involved. Due to legal requirements, some incidents may require a formal reporting process to appropriate persons or organizations.

It is our hope you will bring incidents to our attention when you believe it is the best and most appropriate course of action.