Dr. Scott R. Carr

Professor of Chemistry

1100 E. Fifth Street Anderson, IN 46012

Dr. Carr instructs courses mainly in chemistry, but also has taught courses under the physics caption and is involved in the freshman Liberal Arts Seminar courses.

In addition to course instruction, Dr. Carr has assisted students in undergraduate research projects. The work that has been completed in some of the endeavors has been presented at local American Chemical Society and national conferences. Opportunities for new areas of research exist, but the focus of what has been accomplished recently has utilized an in-house constructed x-ray fluorescence instrument. Research opportunities are also afforded to students through Aurum Consulting in which he is a partner available for scientific consulting.

Dr. Carr additionally serves as an advisor to pre-professional health and science students along with being a faculty mentor. As advisor he assists students wishing to pursue careers in health-related fields, such as those wishing to become doctors, dentists, therapists and the like. He has helped coordinate opportunities for science students to teach local homeschool children through Sigma Zeta, a national honor society for math and science.

In the summers, Dr. Carr has been teaching at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies. For five weeks he instructs an environmental chemistry course in Northern Michigan where students get to experience and analyze God’s creation.

Dr. Scott Carr has served at Anderson University since 2001.

Contact Dr. Carr:
Professor of Chemistry
B.A. Chemistry, Taylor University
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Miami University