Dr. Janell Blunt

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Having always had a passion for learning and teaching, Dr. Blunt’s area of expertise is student learning and memory. Her research focuses on answering questions such as: How do students learn? What study strategies promote lasting, meaningful learning? How can evidence-based strategies, like retrieval practice, be incorporated into classroom activities? Dr. Blunt received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Purdue University.

Dr. Blunt’s research has received funding from the National Science Foundation. Her work is published in several top academic journals including Science and has appeared in the New York Times.

Using her research to inform her teaching, Dr. Blunt’s goal is to engage and challenge her students. She enjoys introducing topics with interesting stories and providing evidence with tangible demonstrations and mini-experiments done in the classroom.  Dr. Blunt is particularly passionate about teaching Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Memory. Dr. Blunt is especially interested in helping students apply psychological principles to everyday life, from understanding the pull of advertisements and wise decision making to creating robust interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Blunt is married to Dr. Andrew Pannabecker. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, mountain biking and spending sunny afternoons in her hammock.  Dr. Blunt is an active member of Trinity church in Indianapolis.

Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A. in Psychology, Purdue University
M.S., Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology, Purdue University