Dr. Courtney Taylor

Provost, Chair, Department of Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

Decker Hall 102-104

Dr. Courtney Taylor was an undergraduate student at Anderson University and returning to join the faculty in the fall of 2011 was very much like coming home. He has taught nearly every course in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and especially enjoys teaching Abstract Algebra and Problem Seminar. He serves as chair of the department and as Anderson University provost.

His research interests fall in the areas of algebraic topology and algebra, particularly the unstable modules over the Steenrod algebra, and he is also interested in how mathematics can inform our understanding of the humanities. He has written an open access e-book on abstract algebra, which may be freely downloaded from bookboon.com.

Dr. Taylor, along with Dr. Justin Lambright and Dr. Lee Van Groningen, has led Anderson University’s Research Experiences in Mathematics, in which a group of students actively work on original research. These students have had opportunities to present their results at other area colleges, as well as at conferences across the country.  He is also an advisor for Mathematics honor society Kappa Mu Epsilon and for the men’s service and social club Dativus. He is active at East Side Church of God where he served on the Board of Trustees, and he and his wife teach the college-age fellowship class.

Dr. Taylor enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and their five children, traveling on epic road trips, and eating barbecue.

Dr. Taylor has served at Anderson University since 2011.

Contact Dr. Taylor:
Decker Hall 334
(765) 641-4410

Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics
B.A., Anderson University
M.S., Ph. D., Purdue University