Dr. Courtney K. Taylor is the Provost of Anderson University. He is an alumnus, and returning to join the faculty was very much like coming home. He was Chair of the Department of Mathematics from 2012 through 2022, during which he was involved in a variety of collaborative institutional projects and strategic initiatives. Courtney has extensive experience in the classroom, and has taught mathematics at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum as well the Liberal Arts Seminar.

His research interests are in the area of algebraic topology, including topological data analysis, and he is also interested in how mathematics can inform our understanding of the humanities. Selected publications include “Areas of a Total Eclipse”, “Charles Babbage and Mathematical Aspects of the Miraculous” and an open-source abstract algebra textbook. In addition, he has overseen an ongoing multi-year undergraduate research project concerning the geometry of polynomials, which has led to several publications coauthored with students.

Courtney and his wife, Katie, live in Anderson with their five children. They attend East Side Church of God.

Dr. Taylor has served at Anderson University since 2011.

Contact Dr. Courtney Taylor:
Decker 102
(765) 641-4021
Provost and Professor of Mathematics
B.A., Anderson University in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
M.S., Ph. D., Purdue University in Mathematics