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Summer college credit options for undergraduate students.

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The summer months are a great time to continue to take classes toward your degree at Anderson University or for your degree at another school. You can always use your summer to catch up on credits toward your major, get ahead on your degree, and earn credits at a reduced rate. Anderson University offers most classes online, making it easy to fit summer studies into your schedule, wherever you are. The summer schedule courses fall into one of three sessions:

Session 1: May 18 – July 2 [7-weeks]

Undergraduate courses:

  • ACCT4800 Accounting Internship
  • ARTS1250 Graphic Design for Liberal Arts
  • BIBL2000 Intro to the Bible
  • BIBL2110 Beginning Hebrew I
  • BIBL3410 Images of Jesus Then and Now
  • BIOL1000 Prin of Modern Biology
  • BIOL2010 Medical Terminology
  • BIOL2410 Human Anatomy/Physiology I
  • BSNS2710 Principles of Management
  • BSNS3240 Operations Management
  • BSNS3270 Project Management
  • BSNS3320 Legal Aspects of Music Busines
  • BSNS3850 Practicum in Business
  • BSNS3860 Event Management Practicum
  • BSNS4010 Organizational Behavior/Theory
  • BSNS4050 Quality Systems and Control 
  • BSNS4120 International Management
  • BSNS4240 Topics in Business/Economics
  • BSNS4480 Leadership
  • BSNS4500 Strategic Management
  • BSNS4800 Business Internship
  • BSNS4810 Internship in Music Business
  • CHEM2110 General Chemistry I
  • CMIN4810 Internship [Christian Ministries] 
  • COMM1000 Intro to Speech Communication
  • COMM4800 Internship [Journalism]
  • COMM4800 Internship [Public Relations]
  • COMM4800 Internship [Cinema and Media Arts] 
  • CPSC1100 Intro Business Informatics 
  • CPSC2800 Computer Science Internship
  • CPSC3800 Computer Science Internship
  • CPSC4800 Computer Science Internship
  • CRIM2510 The Nature of Crime and Social Deviance
  • CRIM4810 Criminal Justice Internship I
  • CRIM4820 Criminal Justice Internship II
  • DANC4800 Internship in Dance
  • ECON2010 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON2020 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENGL1100 Rhetoric/Composition (Basic)
  • ENGL1110 Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENGL1120 Rhetoric and Research 
  • ENGL1400 Valuing Through Literature
  • EXSC2140 Nutrition Health and Disease
  • EXSC3300 Health Implications of Obesity
  • EXSC3470 Physiology of Exercise I 
  • EXSC4800 Internship in Exercise Science
  • EXSC4850 Practicum in Exercise Science
  • FLAN2000 Language and Society
  • GERM2010 Intermediate German I
  • GERM2600 Topics in German: [Intermediate German II]
  • HIST2000 History of World Civilization
  • HIST2110 American Civilization I
  • HIST2120 American Civilization II
  • HIST3260 Women in the World, 1800-Present
  • HIST3300 Middle East
  • HIST3320 World Religions
  • HIST3370 General History Latin America
  • HIST3440 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • LART1000 College Survival Skills
  • LART4500 Critical Thinking and Transformative Development
  • MATH1000 Introductory Algebra
  • MATH1100 Elementary Mathematics-Numeration System
  • MATH1110 Elementary Mathematics-Geometry
  • MUBS2010 Introduction to Music Business
  • MUBS2020 Introduction Music Publishing
  • MUBS3600 Topics in Music Business: [DIY for Musicians]
  • MUBS4800 Internship in Music Business
  • MUPF1710 Piano
  • MUSC2210 Music the Arts and Culture
  • MUSC3130 History of Music: 19th/20th Century
  • NURS1210 Nutrition for Healthy Living
  • NURS2170 Skills and Procedures Boot Camp
  • NURS2231 Fundamentals I
  • NURS2250 Foundational Strategies for NCLEX Success
  • NURS2270 Pathophysiological Basis for Pharmacology in Nursing
  • PEHS1000 Fitness/Wellness for Life
  • PEHS2020 American Red Cross Lifeguarding
  • PEHS2100 Health Concepts I
  • PEHS4850 Practicum Physical Education Support
  • PHYS1000 Physical Science
  • POSC2580 Principles of Geography
  • POSC4800 Government Internship
  • POSC4810 Legal Internship
  • POSC4820 Global Internship
  • PSYC2000 General Psychology
  • PSYC2440 Applied Stats / Intro Research
  • PSYC2510 Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC3220 Organizational Behavior and Theory
  • RLGN3010 Faith in Context [Harry Potter]
  • RLGN3020 Christianity/Social Justice
  • RLGN3320 World Religions
  • SOCI2010 Intro to Sociology
  • SOCI2200 Self and Society 
  • SOCI2510 The Nature of Crime and Social Deviance
  • SOCI4820 Family Science Internship
  • SPAN1010 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN1020 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPRL4850 Practicum Sport & Recreation Leadership
Session 2: July 6 – August 21 [7-weeks]

Undergraduate courses:

  • BIBL2120 Beginning Hebrew II
  • BIOL2420 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • COMM1000 Intro to Speech Communication
  • CPSC1200 Intro to Web Programming
  • EXSC3200 Nutrition in the Life Cycle
  • LART1000 College Survival Skills
  • MUBS2010 Introduction to Music Business [Music Camp]
  • NURS2241 Fundamentals II
  • SOCI2020 Social Problems

Non‐Traditional Undergraduate Courses for Adult Students:

  • LEAD3100 Intro Info Syst/Analysis Data
  • LEAD3200 Issues in Management
  • LEAD3300 Managerial Accounting
  • LEAD3400 Managerial Economics
  • LEAD4300 Strategic Planning
  • LEAD3350 Managerial Finance 
  • LEAD3500 Managerial Marketing
  • LEAD3550 Legal Environment of Business
  • LEAD4550 Diversity/Intercult Humility
  • LEAD4990 Action Research Project 
Session 3: May 18 – August 21 [14-weeks]

Undergraduate courses:

  • INCS3850 Practicum in Service Experience
  • SOCI3200 Gender and Society
  • SOCI3820 Social Theory and Practice


Eligible students must be currently enrolled at AU or become enrolled. Here are some tips on how to register for summer classes:

Don’t see a course you are interested in? Individual reading courses may be arranged with the permission of the instructor. Talk to your advisor or the department that usually offers the course you are interested in.


The cost for summer 2021 courses is $410 per credit hour, in line with the cost at other four-year institutions (both private and state) in Indiana. Want to reduce the cost? Enroll in and earn a passing grade in courses totaling nine credit hours or more and receive a refund of $400.

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