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Summer Semester

The summer months are a great time to continue to take classes toward your undergraduate degree at Anderson University or for your degree at another school. You can always use your summer to catch up on credits toward your major, get ahead on your degree, and earn credits at a reduced rate.

Anderson University offers most classes online, making it easy to fit summer studies into your schedule, wherever you are. There are three summer sessions.

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If you are interested in summer school, please take the following steps:

  1. First, talk to your advisor about which classes you might take (the summer schedule is available on AccessAU or link to it above);
  2. Next, complete the summer financial services eform (Okta/navigate to forms/Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships/summer form); and
  3. Finally, once you have been approved by your Financial Aid and Scholarships advisor, you can put your classes on your summer schedule yourself beginning February 20.

Two important financial aid notes:

  • Students using a student loan for summer courses must take 6 hours to be eligible (this is a government regulation); and
  • You can only sign up for as many hours as you are approved by your financial aid advisor. Anything over 12 credit hours (even if approved for more) will need to be in an eform.


Contact Dr. Stefanie Leiter at skleiter@anderson.edu.

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