School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

School of Humanities & Behavioral Science: Faith & Learning

Faith and LearningThe School of Humanities & Behavioral Science integrates faith and learning, beginning with the liberal arts core curriculum. The school’s departments (Communication and Design Arts, English, Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures, History and Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, & Family Science) weave a strong commitment to faith into their courses, minors, and majors. The professors in the School of Humanities & Behavioral Science do not compartmentalize their Christian faith and scholarship into separate, competing parts, but instead fully integrate the two so that Christian values are interwoven throughout their professional lives and teaching. Our Christian scholarship does not just pay lip service to our religious roots but is a systematic way of understanding and interpreting our world.  
As a student, you also have a part to play in this exploration: learning, growing in academic and professional skills, and expanding faith horizons. The professors in the School of Humanities & Behavioral Science understand the issues that surround intellectual and spiritual growth and will be with you to challenge, cajole, and nurture you. We shall walk together, trying to use our scholarship to understand our world and our savior. Academic and Christian discovery is not just a slogan; it is our mission.