Soccer Stadium

Turn on the Lights.

For more than three decades, Anderson University has been home to both Men’s and Women’s, Ravens Soccer, offering players the opportunity to grow as athletes, students, and people of faith during their time on campus.

Alumni and friends of the program have been pitching in, supporting and working toward completion of the stadium project.

As we near the final stages of the stadium project, the last portion is lighting the field.  Installing the lights is the largest portion of the project. We are looking to raise $358,000 by May 1, 2024 to ensure the lights are shining bright by fall 2024. This significant addition will not only allow  students to participate in evening games without missing classes, but also provides fans, parents, and alumni an opportunity to attend games at 7 p.m., creating an enhanced collegiate event atmosphere for the men’s and women’s soccer teams.

We invite you to be part of this exciting endeavor and make a difference in the lives of our student-athletes. For those who contribute $1500.00 or more, we want to express our gratitude by commemorating your generosity with an individual or family brick laid on the entryway path to the stadium once it is completed. Join us in shaping the future of Ravens Soccer and creating a lasting legacy for our community.

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The Future Is Bright.
Reaching milestones

The initial phases of this project have seen the completion of  bleachers, fencing, sprinkler system, concession stand, landscaping, signage, fabric fencing, team areas, restrooms, visitors team area with restroom, tailgate gazebo, concreate work, bluegrass surface, and electrical work for the press box and team area.

Through collective efforts, we successfully raised funds to accomplish these crucial milestones.

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We are very so grateful for the ongoing support of the AU Soccer Family. You have been so generous.   As we wrap up this stadium project, we are working toward the goal of getting the lights up by this fall season. Thank you for your continued support.

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If you are willing to support this project, please make your contribution to AU by giving online, by telephone, or by mail.

Please indicate that you would like to designate your gift to the “Buildausoccer Stadium Project”.

  • Online
  • By phone at (800) 421-1025
  • By mail at 1100 E. 5th Street Anderson, IN 46012

(checks made payable to Anderson University, please put “Buildausoccer” on the memo line)

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Please contact Coach Fridley if you have any questions about the project or if you are interested in discussing a gift, you can reach him directly at (765) 623-6214.

Ken Julian ’88

President, Ascot Enterprises

While the AU Soccer program officially began in the fall of 1989, my journey with AU Soccer began with the first group of players who gathered on what is now known as Fridley Field in the fall of 1985. As a fledgling club sport, we knew the mountain of becoming a varsity sport in front of us was dauting, and yet we bonded together with a central passion of playing a game we all truly loved. It is this same love and passion with which Coach Fridley has carried forward into today’s generation and helped drive the AU Soccer Stadium project. For generations to come, Fridley Field will become a fixture in AU Athletics, and advance the opportunity to recruit high-quality talent and elevate the viewing experience for fans. As for me and my family, it will serve as a reminder of regardless of where or when you begin a journey, when love and passion are at the foundation of a goal, the summit can be reached regardless of how overwhelming the odds may seem.  

Keith Gordon ’91

Global Chief Security Officer

Growing up coming to camp meetings in my youth, I used to like to go to the old football field and run around that cinder track. When I got to AU as a student and began my soccer career, my thoughts went back to those times when I would run on the field on which I now was playing soccer. Great memories…I found my soccer family there from Day 1 on the pitch…Not just on the field, but off the field too. Lifelong friends.  Yes, it was the proverbial blood, sweat and tears I left on that field that I still look back on with such fond memories.  It’s why my wife, Heather Wainman Gordon, and I have felt so compelled to continue to give back to the soccer program over the years to help preserve and enhance the opportunities for students to build those same kind of memories and connections with Fridley Field.

Ben Guthrie ’97

Managing Director, Assurance and Advisory Services
Deloitte & Touche LLP

I am very honored to be a part of the Anderson University soccer family, and that it has been part of my legacy for 30 years. When I think of giving to the soccer program, I think of how the program has had a profound positive effect on my life and how my contribution will help allow others to experience the same. The AU soccer program has developed young people from all walks of life, into people of strong character. A gift to the AU soccer program helps to continue this legacy of positive character-building for young people at a very critical time in their lives.

Chris Spires ’98

Owner of Chick-fil-A of Plainfield

My wife and I are grateful for the education, relationships, and experiences that we were a part of at Anderson University. The school of business was both challenging and encouraging. Dr. Turner humbled me in Statistics, Dr. Saltzman made class fun discussing cumquats and teaching in shorts and sandals year around, and Dr. Heberling made economics interesting while giving impossible tests. I learned so much in the classroom that it has enabled me to own my own business for the last 19 years and achieve great success. The Anderson University Soccer program had the greatest impact of all of my experiences. The lessons on and off the field were endless. I learned to be a better communicator, teammate, and leader, as well as how to overcome challenges. Because of the impact both AU and the soccer program has had in my life, I have given and will continue to financially give back to the Stadium project. I ask you also to donate to the soccer program. The project will raise the profile of the soccer programs, and it will give the current and future athletes a place to perform that they can be proud of. Please consider giving to this project and blessing current and future players with your gift.

Jon Hayhurst ’01

President, Delaware Glass

As a former Anderson University and AU soccer alum, the AU Soccer stadium project is very near and dear to our family.  The opportunity I had to play competitive soccer while attending Anderson University was one of my most rewarding experiences.  The close friendships and relationships formed have endured several decades and I cherish the rich memories spent with our teammates and coaches.  Over the past few years, my family and I have been grateful to support and watch the stadium project take shape while providing new opportunities for the next generation.  It’s hard to believe how far AU Soccer has come, but I’m more than excited to partner with other supporters to help push the next phase through to the finish line! Would you consider partnering with us to help us reach our goal?

Jason Codrea ’03

Financial Advisor, Owner Codrea Financial Services

Being over 20 years removed from Anderson University, there is one thing that keeps me connected and brings me back and that is my soccer family.  Coach Fridley helped many get through their years of school by keeping us together as a family with soccer as the initial connection to allow myself and others to develop relationships in many more ways.  Most coaches forget players over the years while they focus on their current teams and recruiting, but Coach Fridley has gone out of his way to always check in or make a special trip to visit with his players all over the country.  Seeing how the field has changed and grown into what it is today is all through hard work and dedication from one big family that has had many players come and go over a 35-year period.  The final phase of this program are the lights which will bring so many more opportunities for memories of the future family that comes through the program and a way for all of the past players to reflect on what AU Soccer and Coach Fridley have provided us to grow and get to where we are today.

Jon Barleycorn ’04

Chief Operating Officer , Westinghouse Outdoor Power

The soccer program at Anderson didn’t just teach me about soccer; it taught me about life. The values of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance that were instilled in me on the field have stuck with me in every aspect of my life. This fundraising effort for the new stadium is a way to give back to a program that has given me so much, ensuring that future generations can benefit from the same experiences. Together, we can ensure that the Anderson University soccer program continues to shape outstanding individuals on and off the field, maintaining the legacy that Coach Fridley has built and instilled in all of us.

Ryan Mason ’07

Asst. Professor of Finance, Chapman University

I’m so proud of Coach and all of the alumni and their families that have contributed to the Build AU Soccer project, the recent progress is amazing and it feels so good to be so close to completion. Though, we all know, Coach will never stop his relentless effort to provide the best facilities possible. Living across from the field on Nursery Road for 3 years, I found myself taking late night strolls over to the field constantly, just to catch my breath, relax, and be at peace. I love our field and am thankful to be part of its continued progress and all the seasons of AU soccer to come.

Still AU.
Yesterday, Today, always.

Embrace the rich history behind AU soccer. We have come a long way since our soccer program started in 1989.