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Orangehaus Music Business Camp is an innovative summer experience to help high school students discover how to have a successful career in the music industry.  Developed by Anderson University music business faculty and award-winning industry professionals, students have the opportunity to explore careers in artist development or record production and choose classes from Finding the Fan Magnet, Touring for Indie Artists, How to Get the Gig, DIY Home Studios, Killer Press Kits, and more.  Students may audition to play in a band, and songwriters have the opportunity to record their songs in a world-class studio.



  • Ages: High school students ages 14-19
  • Dates: July 9-15, 2023 (Sunday-Saturday)
  • Times: This is an overnight camp.
  • All-inclusive Tuition: $695 (housing, meals, tuition)

For more information about the camp or to apply for a scholarship, contact: Dr. Rebecca Chappell at or call (765) 641-4461.

7-Day Immersive Music Business Experience
  • High school students explore hands-on classes in Finding the Fan Magnet, Recording a Demo, Killer Press Kits, Songwriting, Touring for Indie Artists, Concert Promotion, and more!
  • Original songs written by student songwriters will be selected for recording.
  • Awards presented for Outstanding Songwriter, Music Business Student, Producer, and Artist.
  • Students are assigned to sing/play in a band that will perform at the camp’s Orangefest.
  • Promo photos and professional headshots provided to every camper.
  • Open mic night opportunities for students to perform. 
What to Expect

The Orangehaus staff will interview you immediately after check-in to make sure you are assigned to the right music business track based on your background and interest. After the interview, you may audition (optional) to be assigned to a band, and songwriters may perform an original song (optional) for our producer who will select students to record their songs at Gaither Studios. 


If you plan to audition, be prepared to perform a couple of songs that best showcase your talent. We will have a drum set, keyboard, and amp on stage for you to use during the audition, and lockers will be provided for storing instruments during camp. You may audition on more than one instrument. Songwriters are encouraged to choose their best original song as one of their audition pieces, and if possible, bring a lead sheet of the song (melody, lyrics, chord chart). If you do not have a lead sheet, then just bring a printed copy of the lyrics.

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MEET Industry Professionals

Orangehaus Music Business Camp

Dr. Rebecca Chappell

Dr. Rebecca Chappell

Professor of Music; Director of Music Business Studies

Daniel Howell, an employee at Anderson University in Indiana

Daniel Howell

Record Production

Joshua Powell, an employee at Anderson University in Indiana

Joshua Powell

Songwriting / Concert Touring

Adam Shuntich, an employee at Anderson University in Indiana

Adam Shuntich

Music Marketing

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