Orangehaus Music Business Camp

Reimagined. Interactive. Online.

Orangehaus Music Business Camp is an innovative summer experience designed to help high school students discover what it takes to have a career in the music industry. Developed by Anderson University music business faculty and award-winning music industry professionals, this online and interactive program gives students an opportunity to choose from classes in live sound production, DIY home studios, songwriting, creating a press kit, music marketing, concert promotion, building a fan base, music contracts, and more. Songwriters will even have a chance to record original songs virtually with professional musicians and engineers.

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6 days. 30 classes. Only $99.

Friday and Saturday
July 10-11, 17-18, 24-25
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Open mic and songwriter showcase on Saturdays from 4:00-5:00 pm

3 hours college credit available for an additional fee.


Friday, July 10

1:00 – 2:20 pm Music Business 101

2:30 – 3:50 pm Songwriting Workshop 1

                         ProTools 1

                         How to Get the Gig

Saturday, July 11

1:00 – 2:20 pm Digital Marketing for Music

                         Making a Great Demo

2:30 – 3:50 pm Songwriting Workshop 2

                         ProTools 2 

                         Killer Promo Materials 

4:00 – 5: 00 pm Open Mic Couch Concert

Friday, July 17

1:00 – 2:20 pm Music Business 101

2:30 – 3:50 pm Songwriting Workshop 3

                         ProTools 3

                         Finding the Fan Magnet

Saturday, July 18

1:00 – 2:20 pm Touring for Indie Artists

                         Virtual Media Production

2:30 – 3:50 pm Songwriting Workshop 4

                         ProTools 4

                         Monetizing Your Music

4:00 – 5:00 pm Open Mic Couch Concert

Friday, July 24

1:00 – 2:20 pm Music Business 101

2:30 – 3:50 pm Songwriting Workshop 5

                         ProTools 5

                         Developing an Artist Brand

Saturday, July 25

1:00 – 2:20 pm Indie Artist Concert Promotion

                         Live Sound Workshop

2:30 – 3:50 pm Songwriting Workshop 6

                         ProTools 6

                         Live Performance Production

4:00 – 5:00 pm Songwriters Recording Premiere & Awards Presentation

                         Outstanding Artist 

                         Outstanding Songwriter 

                         Outstanding Producer 

                         Outstanding Music Business Student


Music Business 101

If you plan to have a sustainable career in the music business, there are a few basic things you gotta know.  This course gives an overview of jobs in the music business, some legal stuff, and revenue streams, including licensing your music in films, television, and video games.  You will also learn how every business is becoming the music business.

How to Get the Gig

The market’s more saturated than ever–learn how to stand above the pack by developing essential relationships with venues to secure your spot on the stages you want! . Discover what talent buyers are looking for, how to develop an effective pitch, and how to present your craft with professional aplomb! Aplomb, baby!

Digital Marketing for Music

Marketing is so much more than advertising, and there’s never been a richer world of tools at your fingertips to kindle the wildfire that online attention can bring to you and your music. Learn how to wrangle the forces of social media, organic and paid advertising strategies, newsletters, and more ways you haven’t even thought of yet!

Killer Promo Materials

What the heck is an EPK? Does my band need a Snapchat? Just how good does a demo need to be anyway? Get the answer to these questions and more as we discuss how to build a package around your art so it’s sharp, branded, and monetizable.

Finding the Fan Magnet

Your friends are not your fans! And sorry, but your mom doesn’t count either! In this workshop, bone up on how to find your niche in the rich tapestry of music lovers, how to navigate the waters of finding your target market, and how to streamline your brand to create the base of patrons you need to go from hobbyist to pro.

Monetizing Your Music

While most artists start their adventure into the industry for the love of it, nobody makes it past that first lap without getting something back out of the race. Learn how to stay fiscally hydrated, explore how to diversify your income streams, gain an understanding of mechanical and streaming royalties, and make sure that whether you’re finishing up a tour or closing out an album cycle, you and your team are getting that bread.

Developing an Artist Brand

“Branding.” You’ve heard about it, but does it really mean anything or is it just a trendy idea for business types? Learn here how to cut through the noise around this big idea, and how to generate a strong, streamlined brand that highlights your unique individuality and turns your presentation into a vital part of the one big cohesive art project.

Live Performance Production

How can you take a concert and turn it into a show? In 2020, it’s not enough to stand onstage in your flannel shirt and thrum an acoustic guitar by your lonesome anymore. Learn how movement functions as a dynamic, how to punctuate your songs with charming repartee, and the basics you’ll need to create individualized multidisciplinary live music experiences, whether on DIY stages across America, or from the Zoom comfort of your own bedroom.

Songwriting I-VI

In this six-part series, we’ll explore the ins and outs of how to craft truly original lyrics, how to compose exciting chord progressions, where to use poetic devices and linguistic ornamentation, and what makes the songs of the greats truly great! These workshops function in three intertwined modes: they will afford opportunities to build your artist toolbox with writing prompts and a series of live creative writing exercises. We will collectively analyze songs from Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift to DC Talk and Bon Iver to learn what tricks we can cop from the masters. You will also break out into peer groups where we can get critical, constructive feedback on the original work we generate together during the course of camp!

Touring for Indie Artists

Hit the road, Jack! Unlock the mysteries of how to take your show on the great and winding American interstate. Load up on resources for how to find the right venues for you to play from Connecticut to California. Learn about building a network of friend-bands, the equity you can build through show swaps, the importance of a smart merch line, how to map a utilitarian route, and even how to save money by eating strategic burritos.

Indie Artist Concert Promotion

Maybe you’ve booked your first hometown show, or perhaps you’re even striking out on your first regional tour jamboree. Neither one will matter if you’re playing to empty rooms. In this track, learn how to ensure that you never show up to play for a lone sound engineer. Catch up on how to use a street team, learn the secrets to simple and accessible graphic design, and build a repertoire of tricks for selling more tickets and putting more heads in the room, no matter where you’re playing.

ProTools 1-6

Learn how to set up your own DIY home studio and record like a pro using ProTools and Garageband. In addition to all the basic recording stuff, we will explore using virtual instruments, secrets of mixing/mastering, and some pretty cool audio effects.

Live Sound Workshop

Starts with a solid understanding of signal flow, because without it there’s no music.  Next, we will learn how to improve a live sound mix and the terminology needed for communicating with performers.

Making a Great Demo

If you want to get noticed in the music industry, you will need a great demo.  Learn steps for making your artist/band demo as professional as possible, and find out where to send it after it’s done.

Virtual Media Production

Learn skills, software, and some creative ideas for producing virtual music events that stand out. Also, explore best platforms for promoting your virtual event.


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Dr. Rebecca Chappell

Camp Director

Dr. Rebecca Chappell

DR. REBECCA CHAPPELL is Director of Music Business Studies at Anderson University and Founder/Director of Orangehaus Music Business Camp.  She also founded Orangehaus Records, Orangehaus Publishing, and Orangehaus Entertainment.  As a woodwind specialist, Chappell performs as "first call" studio session player and member of several area orchestras.  Recent concerts include Principal Clarinet for The Who on the "Moving On Tour" and Weird Al Yankovic's "The Strings Attached Tour."

Joshua Powell

Songwriting / Concert Touring

Joshua Powell

Joshua Powell is an adjunct professor of music business at Anderson University and teaches the innovative new course. Concert Touring, with a specialized focus on practical application in today's emergent independent/DlY music industry. He has also taught Songwriting and Beyond Talent: Entrepreneurshipfor Musicians. He has served as the assistant director for the Indiana Faith & Writing Conference at AU and has been a guest lecturer at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tenn., and Incuba8 Labs in Midpoint, Mich. His articles on DIY touring have been featured on CDBaby's DIY Musician Blog and on IndieOnTheMove's blog.

Powell is also the founder, manager, songwriter, and frontman of the Indianapolis psych-folk band Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery, a band that has performed 500+ concerts in more than 40 states, Canada, and Iceland. They have opened for such notable acts as Seabird, Mike Mains & the Branches, The Soil & the Sun, Kopecky, and Charlie Parr. Their music has been featured on network television shows on ABC, FreeForm, and MTV, the Netflix documentary "Just Like Being There," various short films, and in Starbucks stores nationwide.