Refund & Withdrawal

Student Accounts

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If a student wishes to “withdraw” from AU the student will need to fill out the correct form “Withdrawing / Not Returning to Anderson University.” This form officially notifies the University that the student is not returning to AU and determines how much of a refund the student will receive. The termrefund” in student accounts is used for referencing a refund of the charges on the account and not a refund of what has been paid.

Once withdrawn, depending on when the form was filled out, a portion of the student’s tuition and fees will be refunded to their student account.

The refund schedule is as follows:

  • first week of classes – 90 percent reduction 
  • second week of classes – 80 percent reduction
  • third week of classes – 60 percent reduction
  • fourth week of classes – 40 percent reduction
  • fifth week of classes – 20 percent reduction
  • sixth week of classes – no reduction

If there are questions about withdrawing please contact Student Life at 765-641-4194. For questions regarding the refund policy please contact the Business Office at 765-641-4001 or