Not everyone enjoys the challenge of writing college essays and research papers. Fortunately, those who dread the task do not have to suffer alone. The AU Writing Center offers encouragement and assistance to students wrestling with writing projects in any academic course. The tutors are also trained to offer support and guidance for those students enrolled in the required writing courses, ENGL 1100, 1110 or 1120. For those students who do enjoy the writing process, the Writing Center tutors are equipped to help writers achieve academic excellence.

Because our tutors are students themselves, they understand the panic, frustration and fatigue that often accompany a difficult writing project. In many cases, the writing tutors act as liaisons between students and professors, sympathizing with the students’ need for encouragement and clarification while serving as skilled, objective readers. Our goal is to empower students to become better writers, not by editing their essays and doing the revision work ourselves, but by teaching students how to expand, clarify and then edit their own writing.

Writing Assistance

Writing assistance

  • Exploring topic ideas
  • Writing concise thesis statements and topic sentences
  • Developing coherent, logical paragraphs
  • Improving syntax and diction
  • Documenting research according to MLA or APA style
  • Understanding the principles of grammar and mechanics
  • Nurturing a writer’s confidence
  • Reading a draft critically and making decisions about revision.

Get in touch

  • The Writing Center is located in the Nicholson Library.
  • Drop in or call (765) 641-4225 to schedule an appointment.
  • Tutors are available 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

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