University Leadership Council (IMPACT)

The University Leadership Council (IMPACT) is a committee of past student leaders from various leadership groups on campus that wish to impact and encourage the current student leaders serving AU. IMPACT began in 2003 to meet the need for connection among student leaders.  It is made up of student leaders who have served in the past and wish to serve others.


  • Christ-like Service – Plans two to three Student Leadership events per semester and is committed to being prayer warriors for active student leaders.
  • Creative Encouragement – This ranges from planning events to direct means of encouragement that meet the needs of various staffs and individuals.
  • Authentic Relationships – Events provide a connection point between student leaders from various staffs, as well as a time to commemorate student leaders. Also conscious about providing purposeful relationship construction among Student Leadership as a whole.


  • To continue to mold and expand to fit the needs of those in student leadership.
  • To bring encouragement and refreshment to student leaders.
  • To provide an opportunity for connection and relationship building between IMPACT members & student leaders, and most importantly in the strengthening and pursuit of a relationship with Jesus Christ.