Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body and acts as its voice, working with a diverse student body to listen to their opinions and communicate them to the university’s administration.

As students themselves, SGA members are able to understand the concerns and suggestions of their peers and share them with the President and his Cabinet. This relationship helps the administration better understand the “real” needs of the student body as they live and learn on campus together.

SGA provides a way for the administration to better identify the most significant needs and desires of students so that they can seek to address them. The members of the SGA also serve as a sounding board for administration as they seek students’ best interests in decisions that are being made and gauge the reactions of students to upcoming changes. Whether it is a social problem or issue or a physical improvement to campus, SGA partners with the Division of Student Life to create needed change.

Being a part of SGA enables students to make a difference on campus. Members of the SGA are also the only student leadership positions with direct access to President Pistole and his Cabinet once a month. The President and the Cabinet are always eager to hear from SGA and better understand how they can partner together in order to make continuous improvements to Anderson University and educate for a life of faith and service to the church and to society.

Executive Branch

Daniel Gaines, President
Emma Thorp, Vice President
Sam Huber, Chief of Staff
Cassie Wuethrich, Chief of Finances
Ashlyn Kemmerling, Chief of Outreach Operations
Madison Moreland, Chief Justice
Nouhad Melki, Senate Chair

Legislative Branch
Judicial Branch

Associate Justices: 
Jared Baker
Joseph Stern
Gracie Wyatt

Contact Us

Phone: (765) 641-4221

Social Media

Twitter: @Anderson_SGA
Instagram: @anderson_sga

Read the SGA Constitution.