Commuters & Off-Campus students

Aerial view of campus during the fall.

At Anderson University, we want commuter and off-campus students to be an integral part of the campus community. We want you to seek opportunities to be involved and share your personality, gifts, and abilities to build relationships and make a difference on our campus. We realize you have unique needs, and we will do our best to meet them.

Various opportunities specifically for commuters and for off-campus students are available during the year. Please check your emails, as this will be the primary form of communication.

A commuter student:

  • Lives with a parent or legal guardian
  • Commutes to campus from their permanent address
  • View a list of approved zip codes for commuting.

campus Expectations


Campus mailbox & Email
Every commuter and off-campus student has a campus mailbox and an email account. You are expected to check both of these on a regular basis. They are the two main sources of campus communication.

Current Address Information
All commuter and off-campus students are required each year to complete by March 13, 2020. You can do this by logging onto the housing website.

Lifestyle Expectations
Commuter and Off-Campus Students are expected to abide by all lifestyle expectations of Anderson University. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Judicial Code.

Commuter and Off-Campus FAQ

What resources do commuters and off-campus students have for help outside the classroom?

All commuter and off-campus students have full access to the Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence. The KACE serves the student body by offering free educational services for every course and major! Join a study group or work one-on-one to prepare for big exams, perfect a paper, or work through regular assignments. Located inside Nicholson library, the staff at the KACE is ready to walk with you every step of the way!

Contact: or call (765) 641-4225

What about spiritual life for commuters and off-campus students?

All commuters students are invited to engage in the Christ-centered community here at Anderson University! Together we will dive into 3 questions that target spiritual transformation: Who is God?, Who am I?, and How do we live? In addition to weekly chapel, commuters can connect through focus groups specifically designed for first-year students, or small groups for upperclassmen. Groups meet weekly on or off campus in a variety of settings to discuss the challenges of college, discover scripture in new ways, and create lasting connections through Christ. All information about how to sign up for these groups is sent out through Spiritual Life staff periodically across the year.

Are commuters and off-campus students required to attend chapel?

Christian discovery is one of the key elements and distinctive factors at Anderson University! For this reason, all undergraduate students are asked to attend 18 chapels per semester. The Division of Student Life does consider outside factors which have the potential to hinder chapel attendance. Students wishing to be considered must complete an exemption consideration form at the beginning of each semester and will be contacted regarding the status of their application.

Can commuters and off-campus students use the counseling services?

Yes! Counseling services are offered free to all undergraduate students at Anderson University! Students may gain a variety of benefits from attending counseling and will be in the hands of trained, Christ-centered, and trustworthy professionals.

What about parking for commuters and off-campus students?

There is plenty of parking available to commuters across the campus! Parking passes can be purchased online. You can also visit the Police and Security office in the basement of Hardacre Hall.

Commuter Connections

When you commute to campus, it can sometimes take a little extra effort to feel connected.

How to connect with services for commuters:

  • Text @ac76c4 to 810-10 for texting updates and encouragement! (Standard messaging rates apply)
  • Follow us on Twitter: @AUCommuters (Raven Commuters)
  • Stop by the Commuter Office to hang out!
  • Decker 206A (Division of Student Life), Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Ways to connect with student life:

Commuting Tips
Making the commute to class each day can be challenging, but here are some tips to navigate your way!
  • Always check the weather the night before. Here in Indiana, we have 4 seasons – sometimes all in the same day! Make sure to dress appropriately and always keep a change of clothes packed in your car in case of unexpected weather or late night study sessions!
  • Keep emergency money with you at all times. You never know what scenarios might come up, and having some emergency cash can help you order that late night pizza or fill up your gas tank!
    Always be prepared for bad weather conditions. Some key things to have on hand: an ice scraper, a shovel, candles & matches, car charger, blanket & pillow, change of clothes, travel-size hygiene items (soap, toothbrush, etc..), non-perishable snacks, flashlight, fix a flat, etc.
  • Map out different commuting plans. Construction, wrecks, and bad weather can come up at any time! Have a couple different routes planned just in case!
  • Not sure how long you should give yourself to travel? One great rule of thumb to follow is to double your travel time. For example, if you have a 30-minute drive, leave home one hour before class begins. This way you will always have plenty of time to find parking, walk to class, or even stop for coffee!
  • Create different commuting playlists to make your commute more enjoyable! Even better- check out an interesting podcast or audiobook to keep yourself engaged during long drives!
Contact Us

Stacey Carpenter
Housing Coordinator, Division of Student Life
(765) 641-4190