International Student Services (ISS)

International Student Services facilitates international orientation, immigration, community building, and student programming. Workshops and counseling on culture shock and healthy transitions are also provided. The Office of International Student Services is a critical part of linking international students to each other and the larger campus. Whether performing in Chapel, hosting a dinner, putting on a dance, watching an international film or just hanging out. The Cultural Resource Center creates space for International Students to find themselves, be comfortable, share their experiences and culture.

An international student is a citizen of another country, a U.S. citizen who has lived in another country or a U.S. permanent resident.

If this describes you, and you are interested in attending Anderson University, let us help you with the admission process and getting to know the AU community.

Maintaining Your Status

(Required of all International Students including undergraduates, graduate programs, and adult studies.)

  1. Check in each semester with the Director of ISS (Decker 235).
  2. Do not let your immigration documents expire; I-20 and Passport.
  3. Register for a full course of study.
  4. Do not work without authorization.
  5. Do not work more than 20 hours a week total on campus during academic year.
  6. Change your address and phone number, update the Director of ISS within 10 days.
  7. Update immigration documents with the Director of ISS; Changes to major, level of study, funding or transferring to another Institution.
  8. Obtain a travel signature prior to international travel. This travel signature stays valid for one year.
  9. Communicating with ISS, Check your AU email.
  10. Insurance is required by all International Student.

View the Study in the States web page. It has information on how to stay in status plus much more.


Your AU Story Begins Now

Growing up in a third-culture family, the idea of home has been inconsistent and blurry for me for a very long time. Anderson has allowed me to explore and to redefine what home means for me. I have found a community of friends and mentors that I can call my own, and they continually push me and challenge me to integrate my past with my present. AU has become one of my families these last few years, and it’s a good family to be a part of.

Jean Manners BA ’16