Michael Thigpen, an employee of Anderson University in Indiana

Michael Thigpen

Chief Diversity Officer, Director of Cultural Resource Center and Multicultural and International Student Services

Michael Thigpen is the Director of the Cultural Resource Center, International and Multicultural Student Services. He was also appointed Chief Diversity Officer by Cabinet in 2020. He is passionate for serving and resourcing a very diverse population of multicultural and international students from around the world. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Madison County Youth Center. A visionary and a leader, he has served communities for nearly thirty years. He has worked in a variety of organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Mike is an alum of Anderson University, having completed both a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Masters in Business Administration. From children to the most mature individuals, Mike has the unique ability to capture and connect with all types of audiences.

Michael has a great passion for the lost and those who have been disenfranchised or otherwise disconnected from their local expression of the body of Christ. He seeks to disciple a generation of servant leaders, enabling them to make a greater impact on the world by sharing the authentic love of God. He also seeks to teach believers to develop and sustain a strong growing relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ. Under the anointing of God, he operates in a dynamic teaching gift in addition to several other spiritual gifts and vocations. He is a preacher who rightly divides the Word of truth with a fresh revelation from God. Mike seeks to encourage, empower, and motivate audiences to become passionate servant leaders, creating spaces for development and authentic transformation. Michael’s greatest joys are being a husband, father of four daughters, and a servant leader in areas where there is a need.